“you won’t be cheeky to Mistress again, will you?” No, I definitely won’t!

Visited Miss Kay recently, it started as a normal visit, a quick refreshment and chat to catch up. Then it was time to get into my gear and our session to start. First , Miss Kay suspended me, something I had been wanting to try for a while and was most enjoyable. Then I was released and taken to Miss Kay’s “work table” once tied securely, the fun started (well “fun” is one way of putting it!) after 5 minutes of, what I’d say normal teasing, Mistress then brought up my missed session due to ill health and how I had dealt with the disappointment for her, Mistress deemed that in my handling of this, was Cheeky and needed to be punished for it, firstly my C&B’s were shown no mercy with full power on her electronic zapper, god it was dreadful and fortunately my gas mask deadened my screams, when I suggested Mistress spanked me instead, something I don’t usually request, however, it was all I could think of to give my poor C&B’s a rest, no, that was the wrong thing to suggest! The next 20 minutes were more pain and lecturing by Mistress on my dreadful behaviour, instead of, as I thought, getting my ass whooped, my C&B’s were whipped and leathered with a bit more zapping thrown in for good measure, well thank god for my gas mask…. or I’d have woken the dead!

I left Kay Towers with Mistress’s last words “you won’t be cheeky to Mistress again, will you?” No, I definitely won’t and I’m already trying to work out when I can visit Miss Kay for a more normal session.

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