Would I go again?

I started writing this as a testimonial to Miss Kay but I think it is good for me to have and keep as well. So, yesterday I went to see Miss Kay for the first time. Actually the first time I had done anything like this. I am a woman “of a certain age” as they say and had wanted to see a disciplinarian for a very long time but couldn’t find the courage to do so. 4 and 1/2
months of shielding gives you a long time to think about things and around 4 weeks ago I finally made that initial call. Fast forward to yesterday and I was on my way. I must say I did almost consider turning back but I didn’t.
I had to call at 10am to confirm things and was late doing so. Got my wrist slapped for that – Lesson #1 Be Punctual! Not my strongest point I have to admit but I sure was on time for my appointment! I was really nervous, never having been spanked before as an adult.
We chatted for a while and then I was told to take my trousers off and my pants were taken down.

There was no turning back now and I had noticed a few strategically paced
items in the room when I first came in. Hmm! What’s going to happen?
Miss Kay said we would do a “taster session” where I got to experience some of the different implements starting with a more gentle warm up and a very gentle dose of her school strap on my hands which brought back some memories. In fairness I think she held back quite a lot during my
visit but there were indeed a few hard wallops in there! I remember one in particular but I’m not sure what caused it. Just that it was ouchy! I think it was the second round of the infamous Texan strap. I do remember I yelped and stood up as Miss Kay said (with some amusement) “You’re doing the dance” and sure enough my feet were moving all of their own
accord without me telling them too! ;>) There were several breaks where I got to sit down again on her lovely soft sofa. So nice for a sore bottom to sit on!
Although I was really nervous, at all times I felt perfectly safe and totally trusted her and that is normally a difficult thing for me to do. I think it shows Miss Kay is very competent at what she does, is intuitive and caring. At one point she suggested we try out one of her canes and
due to some deeply personal reasons I said no and the reason why not. Miss Kay immediately said “We don’t want to traumatise you. That’s the opposite of what we want” and moved on.
I think that helped increase my trust level. However, amazingly, later as she reached for something I said “Go on, a light cane. Just one or two with a light cane. Just one or two” I said again. I said? Really? Was there a pixie on my shoulder talking? Must have been. Well the 1 or 2 turned into 6 which actually weren’t unpleasant. Now, I know it was only a light
cane wielded gently but for me it was like having climbed Mount Everest and in that moment I truly believe a little healing began to take place. On that note we ended.
Now would I go again? Absolutely! Would I go tomorrow? My psyche says yes but the sore bottom I’m sitting on says noooooo, wait a bit! Actually it’s not really that sore. Just enough to know it’s there and I would have been disappointed if I didn’t feel anything today. So, anyone who is thinking about it but is nervous and unsure do pick up that phone. I promise
you won’t regret it.

I left knowing I had met a disciplinarian I trust but more than that I found a friend – a sort of
big sister!

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