There’s something about being spanked over a Lady’s knee that is difficult to wholly describe accurately enough

The fateful day was looming and I had done my best to prepare myself both mentally and physically for it. Yes, I had it all planned out, I was going to put my foot down and tell her that as a senior girl, I was far too old to be spanked like a naughty child and that it belonged in past decades, yes, that should do it, I’d appeal to her moral side, look her in the eye and convince her that she was wrong to punish me in this way… just in case it all went wrong though, I was going to wear my gym knickers and thickest tights I had as protection, after all, worst case scenario, she’d just put me over her knee and I might just, only just get away with it, yes… I told myself I was being worried about nothing, she was my Aunt and loved me, she couldn’t possibly be intending to belt or cane me… would she?

I was being sent to Aunt Kay’s for further discipline after failure to improve my behaviour, what rubbish! I thought, and to top it all off – in school uniform too!

I was to report at 2pm and as the hours seemed to fly past, and before I fully realised the gravity of the situation I found myself outside Aunt Kay’s door, before being ushered inside, be brave Charlotte, my inner mind told me, don’t let her control you, don’t be a silly girl.

Now, don’t mistake me, I do adore and love my Aunt Kay, she’s a wonderful woman if you’re not on the wrong side of her, but it’s simply a case of woe betide you, if you are! – and bugger, I was!

I could see it in her beautiful yet stern eyes, and at that terrible moment, all thoughts or rather, illusions of bravery and defiance collapsed inside me. I knew that I was in for it, my mouth became dry and I could feel my heart beating rapidly, I really, really could have fainted!

She welcomed me and bid me be seated (I thought probably it would be the last time I’d be sitting down that day) I did as I was instructed and wondered where all my careful planning had gone.

She was resplendent in a knee length pink dress (probably new I thought distractedly to myself) and her American tan nylons, and those terrible yet at the same time utterly lovely slippers, god, no… please! My Aunt has a certain air about here, I don’t think she “put’s it on” as other’s can do, it’s just the way she is, very sure, measured and those all calculating eyes…. I bit my bottom lip and could have cried.

The sitting room was comfortable and perfectly cosy, and not entirely dissimilar to the informal study of a Head Mistress, I  studied the expensive looking wood and soft furnishings trying hard not to divert my gaze to the leather Tawse’s laying innocently yet menacingly enough on top of her writing desk, all of them had the tell-tale acute angle formed in the middle of their length telling me they had rested over the shoulder’s of former Tutor’s and that in fact, they were the real thing… oh bugger! I suddenly had the utmost horrible feeling that they had been laid out especially for me. Focus, Charlotte, your Aunt is speaking to you, try to find a way out of this!

I was informed of the bad reports she had received on me and try as I might, I had no real or tangible excuse for them… I silently accepted her scolding and disapproval, and relinquished all form of resistance, maybe it was for the best, maybe I really did deserve what was coming, I was about to find out, the hard way!

She pulled out a hard backed wooden chair, sat down elegantly and summoned me to her and over her knee. Helplessly, I obeyed… I was a little girl again and cringed as my bottle green gym skirt was raised and the hand spanking began, at first to be honest, I had a very brief brain-wave that my thick pants and tights strategy was going to work, until I was told halfway through that this was just to warm up my bottom first and prior to the real punishment, my heart sank instantly and inwardly I scolded myself for being so naïve.

With a warm but not yet sore bottom I was sent to the corner for a while… this was the worst part so far, the waiting for what I knew or suspected was yet to come!

After a short while, I was beckoned back across Aunt’s nylon clad knee, my skirt raised, my tights lowered and knickers taken down! Oh dear, I was really in for it now, as the combination of clasped hand and plimsoll rained down on my bare bottom, all thoughts of embarrassment or shame quickly vanished as the pain came rushing forward, I cried out openly and unashamedly for it to stop but was simply scolded for being a cry baby, such was the agony of that horrible plimsoll that I nearly cried, I’ll tell you, I was so close to real tear’s!

My bottom, now a resounding colour of rosy pink was sent to the corner again for contemplation.

Further to the humiliation and punishment, my skirt was pinned up behind my back for all to see!

The dreaded leather Tawse was next, I knew it, but not one but three of them as Aunt informed me before they were going back to their rightful owners, for a second I wondered who they might be, then quickly dismissing this as irrelevant and concentrating again on being more brave. I dared to rub my bottom and was abruptly told to put my hands behind my head in classic corner time pose.

I had to stand in front of the fireplace and assume the bent over position with my hands locked behind my knees. Thankfully, or so it seemed at the time, I was to given six straps across the bottom with panties and tights raised, then six on the bare, at least my plan was semi-working was the only comfort at that point open to me.

The lashes were given in 10 to 15 second intervals, all of them hurt and all of them stung, I was proud of myself that I didn’t actually shed tears, but it was close. I do recommend the Tawse for English students as I hear you do not like it 😉

More corner time followed by the cane!

Aunt was being lenient and I was only to receive 6 strokes.

Three with raised underwear and 3 upon the bare including the Dragon cane…. Ooohhhhh!

I hear it is often said that the cane is the worst of all punishment implements, but for me the Plimsoll and Tawse hurt most, possibly because of the wider footprint, so to speak! The cane did sting and maybe because my bottom was a little numb by this point, I did not feel the full impact of it the same, or more likely, Aunt was just being very lenient indeed and not laying it to me.

I was sent once again to the corner with my skirt still pinned up – it wasn’t over yet!

My Aunt finished her chastisement of me with her slipper and I had to really cry out this time for her to stop, it was sheer agony upon an already sore bottom, I had well and truly received a proper spanking worthy of any naughty girl.

Three days later the after-glow and marks still remain, despite Auntie administering some cream to my red buttocks before I left for home again. Sitting down is a conscious affair yet I have come to really like it. There’s something about being spanked over a Lady’s knee that is difficult to wholly describe accurately enough, I have tried but you must experience it for yourself if you haven’t done so already!

Until next time.

Love Charlotte xxx

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