The session concluded with the best/worst thing of all!

In my latest session with Miss Kay I decided to go for a lighter session. That didn’t stop me from feeling it for hours afterwards however, or fully enjoying myself. The session started with my face down on the bed, my face pressed into the mattress, which my legs spread wide by a spreader bar, and my wrists bound to the centre, forcing me into a kneeling position with my bottom sticking out. You can probably guess what happened next.

So I was subjected to repeated caning. This was mainly focused on my ass, leaving a nice pattern, however there was plenty of time for Miss Kay to land more than a few well aimed swats to my thighs. That resulted in the longest lasting marks, and also made sure that any time I sat down for the rest of the day was a constant reminder of the session.

Once this treatment was over it was on the massage table for some more harsh treatment. This started with the largest ballgag in Miss Kay’s collection, a blindfold and ear muffs. My hands were tied to the sides of the table. A simple but effective tie that left me unable to defend myself when Miss Kay applied a pair of nipple suckers, and much worse, two sets of zipper ties on my balls. From there it was a slow work up starting with pinwheels, then the violet wand and finally the stinger. It wasn’t long before I was trying desperately squirming.

Then Miss Kay came up with one of where trademarked super evil ideas. She placed the lose end of the string for the zipper ties in my hands. This meant that with my hands bound, squirming too much would result in me pulling on the zippers. Then I was treated to more time with pin wheels and electric shock.

The session concluded with the best/worst thing of all. It has happened before and it always make me feel so submissive. I knew it was going to happen the second the loose end of the zippers were placed in my hands. My hands were untied, and Miss Kay told me that I was to pull the zipper ties off my own balls. Every time I think, no way, not this time. And every time, as she counts down I realise that I’m going to do it. Why do I do this.  At the end of the countdown, I ripped the pegs off, or at least I tried to. It completely broke me and wound up begging for mercy, as best I could around the ball gag. At the time I swore, never again, but looking back at it, I cant wait for it to happen again.

Fantastic as always.

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