That was my simple idea. And it was so much fun.

Another session and I’m beginning to wonder if my ‘simple’ ideas might be the end of me. It was on the back of one of these simple ideas that I found me lying exhausted on the floor of Miss Kay’s living room.

This time my bright idea was to have nipple suckers tied by a very short string to my wrist cuffs. This was of course after I was wearing nothing. I was ordered to my knees and then to lean forward on all fours. The nipple suckers meant I had to keep my head close to the ground as I couldn’t extend my arms. After that it was a simple matter of trying to avoid squirming too much.

That is easier said than done since Miss Kay started dripping wax from some candles all over my back, my ass and my legs. Staying still under those circumstances was very tough and it wasn’t long before I was struggling to hold my position. That made it all the worse as my arms started to give out from having to hold the unusual position, and I soon collapsed, placing most of my weight onto the nipple suckers which twisted my nipples to an unbelievable degree.

At the time of writing this review I haven’t seen the photos but in my mind, the photo’s must look incredible. Interesting fact for anyone looking to give wax play a try, the dyes used in the candles mean that each one feel just a little bit different in temperature to the others. Through a careful process of trial and error, and then double and triple checking, Miss Kay and I were able to work out that the black coloured one burned the most. And of course having learned this, Miss Kay made sure to try and use that one as much as I could withstand it.

And that was it. That was my simple idea. And it was so much fun. Eventually I could not help but start squirming and trying to get away, resulting in the nipple suckers straining, and eventually being pulled off. Boy to that hurt. Ultimately I broke and begged for mercy. That led to an unexpected twist in the session. When coming up with the idea, Kiss Kay and I put down some foam matts to make it comfortable, and an old bed sheet to catch any mess. What I hadn’t really given too much thought to was how to get the wax off. Fortunately, or unfortunately I suppose, Miss Kay had the clever idea to use a dull butter knife to scrape it off.

To be clear, there was never any danger of drawing blood and if I wanted I could have said no. And if I had known how weird it would feel I might just have done that. But after one leg had been done it was best to see it through. The semi-painful scraping was not he worst of it. The worst was actually when it came time to scrape the wax off the soles of my feet. I never thought that something like that would be so ticklish. Strange to say but I found myself howling with laughter. This ironically put an end to the session as I had to finish the clean up myself. It was just too ticklish in the end.

Another fantastic session. During our conversation, Miss Kay also commented that some people had been discussing appointments, but are concerned that Miss Kay only does BDSM session, based in part on my testimonials. I would say don’t be discouraged. I started off small and worked out what I liked and went from there. If full BDSM doesn’t sound like your thing, discuss what you want with Miss Kay, and find out what you like. If you are like me, you wont regret it and will come back time and time again.

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