At my old site (misskay.net) I took great pleasure in listing the many wonderful testimonials and lovely feedback messages I receive.

I will continue to do this here and can assure you that all comments/feedback are 100% genuine.

I take great pleasure and pride in my work that my clients fully appreciate.


  • She had me wriggling and pleading forgiveness! - This was my first, but hopefully not last, visit to Miss Kay. I failed to leave enough time to make the journey and was in trouble from the start. Miss Kay was understanding of the roadworks problem but punishment awaited. I was welcomed into her lovely home and we chatted while I sipped a glass of sparkling water.  Miss Kay is… Continue Reading
  • A pleasantly sore bottom…. - I have recently returned from a visit to Miss Kay on a day I was feeling particularly anxious and mentally struggling. After a chat Miss Kay told me to get the “chair” and go over her knee for a warm up with various slippers, short straps etc and finished by spanking me with her bare hand on my bare bottom!… Continue Reading
  • My First Visit - Not only was this my first visit to Miss Kay, this was my first punishment session with anyone…. ever. I had done self-spanking before and for a long time, I have wanted to experience someone else punishing me. I contacted Miss Kay through the website telling her what I was looking for and when, and then I called her to… Continue Reading
  • Appropriate to my rookie status. - It was after a break of several years, and one major operation, that I decided the time was right to get back into spanking again.An initial visit to Miss Kay could not have worked out better to achieve this.Didn't want any role plays or scenarios, just wanted to try an OTK spanking, the cane, and tawses to my bottom and… Continue Reading
  • That was my simple idea. And it was so much fun. - Another session and I’m beginning to wonder if my ‘simple’ ideas might be the end of me. It was on the back of one of these simple ideas that I found me lying exhausted on the floor of Miss Kay’s living room. This time my bright idea was to have nipple suckers tied by a very short string to my… Continue Reading
  • The session concluded with the best/worst thing of all! - In my latest session with Miss Kay I decided to go for a lighter session. That didn’t stop me from feeling it for hours afterwards however, or fully enjoying myself. The session started with my face down on the bed, my face pressed into the mattress, which my legs spread wide by a spreader bar, and my wrists bound to… Continue Reading
  • Testimonial by slave r - I had my second visit to serve Miss Kay today. Far too long since my first visit. First things first though. A very pleasant greeting and chat. My heart had been pounding for at least the previous hour on the drive there with plenty of deep breathing exercises to calm myself down.  And a nice drink of sparkling water and… Continue Reading
  • Completely at her mercy…. - So its easy to start this testimonial. Simple question. WHY DOES SHE HAVE A BED OF NAILS? Okay so its not actually a bed of nails but I’ll get back to that later. My latest session with Miss Kay began with me on my knees and unable to stand. Not because I was afraid of punishment or had been ordered… Continue Reading
  • It’s good to talk - I’ve been visiting Miss Kay for over three years and I have to say this was my best visit by a mile!For the first time, I really opened up to Miss about my motivations for being punished and how I wanted to feel during it, not just what I hoped would happen.  What a difference it made and I would… Continue Reading
  • I am quite new to ‘in real life’ discipline - “My visit to Miss Kay was an extraordinary experience. I am quite new to ‘in real life’ discipline within a professional BDSM context, having only visited a Glasgow Dungeon once before, some eight years ago. That being said, I was in a relationship for six years and my partner and I practiced an FLR lifestyle which included a weekly beating,… Continue Reading


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