At my old site (misskay.net) I took great pleasure in listing the many wonderful testimonials and lovely feedback messages I receive.

I will continue to do this here and can assure you that all comments/feedback are 100% genuine.

I take great pleasure and pride in my work that my clients fully appreciate.


  • A visit is always a delight and inevitably acts as a taster for yet another. - After a considerable absence due to work abroad I renewed acquaintance with Ms Kay and sought her help with my need for correction. She is a sophisticated professional armed not only with a useful array of implements but with a well developed mannerly sense of humour. She is a both a treasure and a pleasure! A visit is always a… Continue Reading
  • In my increasingly submissive state, I allowed my mind to torture myself with a number of fantasies. - In my previous sessions with Ms Kay she had indulged my desires to explore my limits for physical torture. Having pushed those limits a little to far, I requested a lighter session from Ms Kay. I got exactly what I wished for and more. While barely touching me, Ms Kay visited and number sensations on my body, and in my… Continue Reading
  • A thrashing that left my buttocks red and aching for hours. - Miss Kay managed to arrange an appointment at short notice and graciously agreed to discipline me in her study. Following an exchange of pleasantries Miss Kay got right down to business and once I had stripped she attached a humbler to my balls, ensuring she could keep an eye on them while dealing with me. She started by warming me… Continue Reading
  • I went for 150….. Mistake! - I asked for a no nonsense bare bottom punishment.... And that was exactly what I got! Miss Kay is never one to disappoint. On my previous visits to Miss Kay, I've always had to be wary of marking but this time I had a bit of an opportunity and Miss was very keen that I make the most of it.… Continue Reading
  • Taken back in years , I was scolded ……. - This was not the first time I visited Miss Kay, and Certainly won’t be the last . Miss Kay , Dressed immaculately in a very pretty dress showed me to her front room where we enjoyed a drink and some good conversation before getting to the ‘ Bottom of things ‘ and the main event ! Maternal Domestic Discipline is my… Continue Reading
  • Be careful what you wish for! - During my most recent session with Ms Kay she made a comment which sums up the day perfectly. Be careful what you wish for! I love the look of marks on my skin, however they tend to fade reasonably quickly. With this in mind I asked Ms Kay to really go for it, and see if we could leave a… Continue Reading
  • The second tawse she used was a real stinger! - Yesterday was a lovely sunny morning on a day I had been looking forward to for a while, I was due to visit the lovely disciplinarian Miss Kay. I checked in at the usual time of 09:00 hrs to confirm I was coming. Miss Kay is very particular about this and I once got the belt for being a bit… Continue Reading
  • I was in the familiar position of lying over Miss Kay’s lap for my warm up. - As usual, I was greeted at the door by Miss Kay  with a smile and a warm welcome.  We moved to the living room and Miss took off her coat to reveal a stunning dress and stocking combo. After a drink and a quick chat, I was in the familiar position of lying over Miss Kay’s lap for my warm… Continue Reading
  • It was not easy. It was however, thrilling and humiliating. - My trip to Ms Kay’s yesterday started the same as all my session do. I am greeted at the door, offered a drink, and then we sit and enjoy some friendly conversation. Simple things, however they reinforce the knowledge that Ms Kay is above all else, a good host, with a smile on her face and cheerful tone in her… Continue Reading
  • Over her knee for an absolutely blistering spanking! - Today I again had the pleasure of visiting Miss Kay. I was met by Miss Kay who was immaculately dressed in her smart Skirt , Heels , Nylons and Pink Nylon Tabard. She looked every inch the strict Maternal type I remembered from my past and we recreated as scenario from such times . Miss Kay confronted me about smoking… Continue Reading


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