Spanking as therapy? Does it work?

I went to see Miss Kay again last week feeling sort of low. So -spanking as therapy? Does it work? Well afterwards I did feel much better for it. Means a lot that someone will do it for me. It was amazing, if rather uncomfortable for my bottom! I absolutely know I’m totally safe there. I found the times Miss Kay spanked longer than 6 smacks really good (if sore ;>) and I’m learning to relax into it. The flogger was especially nice. The dragon cane made an amazing sound and once Miss Kay started with it I wasn’t afraid of it at all. If you have read my first testimonial I wrote you will know that a huge thing that is for me. All in it was a good solid spanking that I both needed and wanted but didn’t know how to ask for it. Well, perhaps needed rather than actually wanted. LOL When did Miss Kay become a mind reader? ;>) Looking forward to more of it! Think I’m mad?!?
The visiting straps and I had another “meeting”. You know some visitors can outstay their welcome! I believe they will be going home again but my fear is they might send some of their friends back in their place. I hear they have quite a few “friends”
That plimsole and slipper really stings! When I was a little girl I used to read Oor wullie stories. For those who don’t know he is a little Scottish boy with dungarees and spiked hair who sat on an upturned steel bucket. He was a very mischievous boy and was forever being spanked with a slipper after which he would put a cushion on top of his bucket to sit on. I used to laugh and think a slipper wouldn’t hurt anyone. How wrong was I!!! Foolish child! Now I (unfortunately) know better! LOL
I also had some lines to bring Miss Kay relating to a real life thing. It was indeed a very effective punishment and I sure felt punished doing them. I was worried about handing them over in case I had to do all 1,000 of them again because of some mistakes. Yes, you read that correctly. All 1,000 of them. However Miss Kay said it was very good but with a reminder I’d better behave myself. Oh, I will try hard!!! Apparently a sore bottom focusses the mind rather well! :>)
That night I slept really well but I dreamed someone was spanking me!!! Not miss Kay but someone else so Miss Kay obviously made an impact (pun intended) on me.
Little Bird
(i.e. JF New name because I’m putting my brave wings on now)

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