She had me wriggling and pleading forgiveness!

This was my first, but hopefully not last, visit to Miss Kay. I failed to leave enough time to make the journey and was in trouble from the start. Miss Kay was understanding of the roadworks problem but punishment awaited.

I was welcomed into her lovely home and we chatted while I sipped a glass of sparkling water.  Miss Kay is a splendid conversationalist and, if I am allowed to say so, a most attractive lady. 

I was ordered to take my trousers down and to move a chair into the centre of the room for Miss to sit in. Soon I was ordered over her knee and a stinging hand spanking ensued on my now bared bottom. She removed the glove from her hand and the rapid spanking continued.

I had not been punished for a long time and she had me wriggling and pleading forgiveness. 

After my humiliation and punishment we discussed a future visit. We discussed the whole notion of sub space. Plans are afoot to continue my training but in future as her maid.  I look forward to serving Miss Kay, if she will accept me.


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