Santa won’t be sitting comfortably this year

Having not visited Miss Kay for a long time as a result of restrictions, I found myself on the road today for my second visit in a few weeks. At the end of my last visit I was issued with very clear instructions to abstain from the masturbation habit that had got out of control with working from home.
Unfortunately I hadn’t stuck to this and having confessed to Miss prior to my session we had agreed that there would be a proper punishment in store. I’d asked for Miss to put me over her knee and to keep spanking me no matter how much I protested. Miss is very good at meeting her clients requests!
So following the usual warm welcome and catch up, I was ordered to strip and lay down across her inviting lap.
Miss had her full arsenal laid out on the sofa. One of the disadvantages of having your head buried in the sofa, gripping on to the cushions for dear life is that it’s impossible to see what Miss is brandishing, but my ever reddening buttocks recognized her hand (gloved and ungloved), slipper, her stingy strap and my personal (least) favourite, the wooden spoon. True to her word, Miss kept up the punishment despite my pleas.
After that I was ordered over the back of the chair and, to keep Miss amused, I put on a Santa hat as Miss swished her virgin new, festive handled came behind me. It stings! What followed was moving my now very sorry bottom on a series of trips between Miss’s knee and the back of the chair.  We finished with a prolonged burst of the wooden spoon, 18 more strokes of the cane and finally the slipper with Miss stating that she wouldn’t stop til I begged for mercy. Having taken all I could, I cried out the words and my punishment ended.
I left feeling the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.
Miss takes impeccable care of her clients and it’s an absolute privilege to spend time in her company.
Thanks Miss!

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