Oh, the shame of it all and my throbbing bottom on display…

Testimonial by Charlotte 13th Aug 2020

It was my first visit to Aunt Kay’s and the trepidation and anticipation felt as I walked down the public footpath to her adorable little home is difficult to describe. I’m still massaging my little red bottom as I write this testimonial to her and I have to say that I am very glad for it because sometimes you just have to accept that you deserved it. Admit it to yourself and learn from it.

I arrived at her front door and already the heady atmosphere of the unknown washed over me… how strict could she actually be? How warm or how cold? I was about to find out…

A warm and polite welcome awaited me by a mature yet beautiful blonde Lady with a soft spoken, southern Glaswegian accent dressed in a light denim button-up dress, adorning scarlet red slippers, I was shown through to her beautiful and cosy study, and after formalities we chatted over a glass of sparkling water.

(My first thought was I knew that those red slippers were going across my bare backside whether I liked it or not) I could hardly contain myself looking ahead to what lay in store for me.

Before I knew it I was across Aunt Kay’s knee with my dress raised and panties down being subjected to a good old fashioned (and the best) over the knee spanking, first with gloved hands, then bare handed and after I had the impertinence to massage my sore bottom my wrist was then restrained behind my back while I was slippered….Oh, the shame of it all and my throbbing bottom on display which Aunt Kay kindly and sternly informed me was glowing a shade of pink. At this point I naively though I still had one over her, but only goodness know’s why.

With a freshly slippered bottom and no chance to pull my panties back up I had my hands tied behind my back with rope bondage, my ankles tied and hogtied… left I was to contemplate my red bottom in this position and how humiliating too. I could hear the shutter clicking as photos were taken of my predicament!

Eventually I was untied and free’d but nothing could escape Auntie, my soiled panties were discovered and I was made to change clothes. Worse to come… Horrid domestic chores at which I was needed to clean Aunt’s bathroom shower, inevitably not to her satisfaction and then came the worst humiliation of all.

She confronted me about the evidence of my boyfriend in my bedroom and my love for cock which she vowed to knock out of me… I was led up the stair to where there was a vast array of dildo’s laid out on display and made to take the largest one in my mouth as punishment, it was shock to me as I was made to kneel upon a stool and have my skirt raised, my panties pulled down and a small butt-plug inserted.

I can say that at this point the humiliation was complete until she entered me with a small strap-on although I can’t deny that the sensation combined with the reassuring pressure of her hand on the small of my back was overwhelming and lovely to feel…. The bigger one that came afterwards was a struggle but in the end I was able to fully sit upon it and appreciate my love of cock as Auntie put’s it… my lesson learned!!!

Afterwards hoovering of my Aunt’s sitting room helped me come to terms with my punishment and before I departed my holiday’s… I enquired about the Tawse, my mistake… Aunt showed me her collection of exquisite leather Tawse’s through the ages and I thought I’d be getting off lightly to be honest but no…

Feeling merciful thankfully, she gave me six strokes across the seat of my pencil skirt… oh my god!!!
What a thrashing, I can say, her delivery was excellent and a sharp reminder never to cross her.

I had no idea it could be so sore, but glad that I did and can’t wait to visit my strict Aunt again, she’s lovely!

Love and best wishes


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