My First Visit

Not only was this my first visit to Miss Kay, this was my first punishment session with anyone…. ever. I had done self-spanking before and for a long time, I have wanted to experience someone else punishing me.

I contacted Miss Kay through the website telling her what I was looking for and when, and then I called her to finalise the appointment. Miss Kay gave me initial directions, then more accurate directions as I neared her home.

Upon meeting Miss Kay, she was warm and charming. Delightful to talk to. We made initial chat and then she showed all the implements she had. She knew ever detail about each one, which was most impressive and she was also seeing what implements I would like to be used on me. She asked me how I wished the session to go. A use of a safe word was offered and I duly accepted give this was my first time. I felt very safe from the moment I met her.

Trousers and shoes off and I was invited over Miss Kay’s knee for a lovely warm up. It was a little harder than I was expecting having only self-spanked previously. She also used some short straps on my bottom. Some were lighter than others and Miss Kay took her lead from me.

Then we moved onto straps and tawses. For this I moved over to the settee and draped myself over the end. With each strap she gave me 3 strokes from my right backhand, then 3 from the left. I was able to take most of them. I’m not sure how many there were.

Then we moved on to the canes. I reckon (I lost count to be honest) I was caned with maybe 7 or 8 different ones, all with different characteristics. Again, 3 strokes from each side. This was a lesson for me as previously I didn’t know what I liked. Now I know I like this thuddy canes.

How is my bottom?  It feels lovely and warm and I have some marks to be proud of.

An exciting experience. Would I go back?  Of course I would.

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