Ms Kay’s thrash and dash service.

Having realised I would be passing Kay Towers yesterday and not having a lot of time to spare, I decided to try out Ms Kay’s thrash and dash service. This proved to be a very intense but enjoyable 20 minutes. After exchanging the brief welcoming pleasantries, it was time for the red glove over the knee warm up spanking. This warmed my bottom up nicely before the main events. I was then told to bend over the sofa and then given 6 strokes of various belts and straps until the final caning. Ms Kay is obviously an expert in dishing out the discipline and knows exactly when the pain threshold is being reached. After each implement she rubs the bottom with her hand or next implement to give a momentary soothing effect before the next spanking. I appreciated the session and tingling feeling when I left and look forward to further appointments with Ms Kay!

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