Ms Kay will help you explore some of your deepest fantasies.

So as you can probably guess, I had the pleasure of a another wonderful session at the mercy of Ms Kay today. I have been visiting Ms Kay on a regular basis for a while now and I can confidently say that any session with Ms Kay will be a good, but today however, I really lucked out. The second thing I did on returning home was to write this testimonial. The first thing I did was collapse on the couch.

This was not a curled up foetal position of someone who had been beaten and broken by an enemy. Neither was it the triumphant slouch of the hero who went off and saved the day. Nope, it was just my body, now free of the bonds I had been thrashing against and drained of the adrenaline that had left me a trembling mess. Lying there seemed like the only natural thing to do. So I did, and as I watched the rope marks on my arms slowly fade, I smiled as I thought back on the number of way that Ms Kay had completely dominated me, both mentally and physically. I reflected on how good it felt to be this submissive and how grateful I was to Ms Kay for doing this to me. Finally, I also considered the fact that for the first time, I wanted to beg for something from Ms Kay. Not for mercy or release. At one point, I want to beg for more. However I couldn’t and I love the reason why.

So the session began as it always does. Greeted at the door, Ms Kay invited me into her home and offered me a drink. We then shared some friendly conversation. I always like this as Ms Kay shows an interest in her clients beyond simply their fetishes and what they want from the session. It also helps to relax me as it reminds me that Ms Kay is a just a person, which is much more comforting than viewing her as someone who tortures me once a month. It is also a terrific way to start a session as, in the case, the discussion went from a conversation about dogs to ‘You, corner, shirt, trouser and shoes of and in a neat pile’ In a single breath, we had gone from two regular people to a Mistress and her sub. Ms Kay’s domination of me had begun.

It continued with my hands being tied to either end of a long pole and told to keep them above my head. A stressful position to help for long periods at the best of time, and its not helped when Ms Kay took aim at my bottom with one of her canes. It was the first time in a while Ms Kay has used canes specifically on me, and if I’m being honest, it felt strangely satisfying having it strike me again. That feeling would of course give way to nice mix of fear and anticipation as a started to remember just how effective Ms Kay was using them. Almost as if she had the same thoughts herself, Ms Kay stated that she didn’t want me screaming. Secretly I bit my lip in anticipation and was a little thrilled when Ms Kay produced and secured a large ball gag.

I was then subject to some rather intense nipple torture from a true artist in the field and some light ball busting, before leaning over a couch and receiving further caning and spanking treatment. Sadly at this point I had to choose between being a good submissive and a good guest, as I was dripping sweat onto Ms Kay’s couch. (The one time we get warm weather in Scotland it has to turn my car into an oven and leaving me sweating at Ms Kay’s.)

Then I was lead to another room, arms still above my head, where I lay face down on a massage table. Ms Kay freed me from the pole before securing my arms with rope under the table. I had some play in the ropes, however not enough to actually do anything. Rising my head as best I could, I was then told to open my mouth, and one end of a 12 inch long purple dildo was forced into my mouth. Ms Kay matter-of-fact informed me that if I dropped it there would be consequences. Since part of the dildo was hanging of the head of the table this meant that I had to suck on this monster. Tormenting me even further, Ms Kay pulled down the back of my panties, leaving my bottom exposed. Stopping briefly to take a photo of the stripes from the canning, Ms Kay proceeded to paddle my ass as punishment for sweating on her couch. And all I could do was moan around the penis in my mouth.

While Ms Kay searched through her seemingly endless bag of tricks, my humiliation continued. I had been keeping my head raised all this time to accommodate the dildo, but now my neck was tired. Lowering my head of course relieved this but I felt a flush of embarrassment that my head was now resting on a huge dildo. And then, Ms Kay turned her domination of me up to eleven.

Normally I can either guess or see some of what Ms Kay has been doing, however in this case my mind was on the large purple problem in front of me. Moving to the foot of the table, Ms Kay instructed me to spread my legs, further and further. With my feet hanging of the sides, I expected to be tied in this position. Then something was jammed into my scrotum, which promptly buzzed into life. I had a second to process this before I heard it. ‘Close your legs’ It was not a request. Ms Kay was using a taste of haven to send me to hell.

The next minutes occurred in a frustrated fog for me. I know I was blindfolded, in addition to squirming around and really working the dildo, I was subjected to tickling of my feet, as well as pinwheels running over my back. My feet were also canned with stern warnings about not moving. I also had elastic bands placed around my feet which were doubly torturous. First because it tickled when Ms Kay reached under the band to get a grip, and then again when they snapped back down on me.

This torture eventually stopped and was replaced with another first for me. Ms Kay started to apply steel pegs to my ass cheeks. I’ve been on the receiving end of both nipple torture and CBT from those, but it never occurred to me that they could be used on my bottom. I don’t know how many were applied but then Ms Kay took away my precious vibrations, and found a new way to demean me. I was asked if I could get up with my knees under me. Trying to do this while having my arms tied below the level of the table was no small challenge, but I actually beamed with pride when Ms Kay congratulated me for doing it. And my reward for my efforts. The few pegs that had fallen off were reattached to the bottom of my scrotum.

From here I was treated to a selection of I believe floggers and paddles, before the pegs were removed, except for the ones on my scrotum. Then I was untied, and instructed to flip over onto my back, all while keeping the dildo in my mouth. Then my hands were retied at my sides midway down the table. Then ANOTHER step in Ms Kay’s flawless domination. My panties, still hanging around the base of my ass from being pulled down earlier, were removed completely. I know it sounds silly, but losing that tiny piece of fabric just made Ms Kay all the more scary to me, as I lay there naked, with my mutant dildo tongue half way down my chest. Naturally I flinched when Ms Kay put a cock ring round the base of my balls. Then my legs were lifted up to my chest, bent double and secured in a frog tie. Then my ankles were tied to the head of the table, forcing me to keep my legs raised in this new position. (Think I found a new fetish at the same time. The ropes running from my ankles to the head of the table further pinned my arms in place like some kind of straps on a devious hospital bed)

So there I was, naked, bound to a table, dildo in my mouth, my legs folded up, and of course, my bottom exposed to the world. Again, as if reading my mind Ms Kay chimed in. ‘Pretty exposed aren’t you?’ Yes. And boy did I feel it. At this point my domination was complete. It is something Ms Kay and I have discussed but to date I have never requested. At that moment though all I wanted was to have my anus filled. A plug, a dildo, anything, just use the last untouched part of my body and complete my submission. I mentioned earlier that I would have begged. This is why. But I couldn’t. All I could do was squirm and suck on my dildo.

What I did get instead was a number of pegs running up the line from my arse to my penis., and some more on my balls for good measure. After a number of well aimed swats at my bottom (impressive aim my Ms Kay given my position) I was given one last humiliation. My left hand was untied, guide to the dildo and I was given my instruction ‘Show me how much you love that dildo’ I kissed it, worshipped it and shoved it in my mouth. ‘Deepthroat it’ And I did. ‘You can do better than that’ And I did. ‘Fuck your face with it’ And I did.

Then Ms Kay visited one last torture on me. The vibrator returned, this time to make the pegs on by balls dance. This new menace was accompanied by ‘Don’t stop’ & ‘Keep fucking you face’ I thrashed in my bonds, desperate to get away from the vibrator, but I kept at the dildo. My body trembled when adrenaline started to flush through, and I kept at the dildo. Ms Kay would not relent. Every move I made was matched perfectly, every effort to relieve pressure countered. And still I kept at the dildo. My domination was complete. Ms Kay had turned me into a… Well, I’ll let you make you own judgement.

Eventually I was let go, and after the discomfort of having the pegs removed, I wanted nothing more than to just lie there, still holding my purple dildo. Instead Ms Kay and I retired for a post session discussion before I left. Ms Kay at one point described her sessions as the gift that keeps giving, which I completely agree with. For me this is evidenced in the slowly fading rope marks on my arms and legs, the small protest my legs gave when ever I changed gear or braked on the drive home, in the discomfort I feel in my bottom while sitting here, and in the small twinge of pain in my scrot if I move just the wrong (or right) way. Most of all though will be the memory of a fantastic session with an incredible lady.

If its not already obvious I cant sing Ms Kay’s praises enough. I would like to leave one last thought for your consideration. My experiences today were the result of numerous sessions, and the care Ms Kay takes to learn about her clients. One session with Ms Kay will be something you will not forget, however if its an option, I would highly recommend you try to convince her to allow regular sessions. Over time Ms Kay will help you explore some of your deepest fantasies. Some fantasies will ultimately, because of common sense, have to remain a fantasy. Right now though, I can tell you that the only fantasy in my mind, is my next session with Ms Kay.

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