Ms Kay REALLY worked me over with the Stinger, the Neon Wand and pinwheels.

Today saw my latest visit to the always fantastic Ms Kay. After all this time you would think that there are no more surprises that Ms Kay to visit on me, no more new punishments or torments. Well you’d be wrong. Not only does Ms Kay continually find new ways to keep our sessions fresh, Ks Kay has reached the point were she can make me jump just with a simple touch.

Todays session was broken into two parts. In the first I found myself in a full suspension, with a gag in my mouth, hooded and a set of ear muffs affecting my hearing. This was a first for me and Ms Kay kindly gave me time to explore my new situation. With my hands tied behind my back and my legs also tied off above me, I had very little ability to move. I did discover however that with a little effort I could get a little bit a swinging motion going. For the tiniest of moments I thought this may be enough to escape what I knew was coming, but only for a moment.

The hood offered just enough visibility to make out the shape of Ms Kay advancing on me, hand raised. Sure enough, Stinger in hand, it was not long before that little swinging motion was the result of my feeble attempts to resist. If it wasn’t the Stinger it was the Neon Wand. I didn’t quite reach full sub-space however I was close.

After half and hour Ms Kay let me down, just as the harness was beginning to become uncomfortable. Next came a pleasant conversation. I often feel that people don’t give Ms Kay the full credit she is due for these conversations. In this case we discussed what had and had not worked about the suspension and about ways to make it better in the future. Suspensions are almost as new to Ms Kay as they are to me and this conversation made me eager to try again in the future.

We also discussed how I was unable to get fully into the sub-space mindset, putting it down largely to the new experiences and sensations. Little did I know that about five minutes later Ms Kay would break me in record time. The second part of the session moved upstairs and saw me lying face up on the table while Ms Kay secured my arms and legs. While doing this she was discussing some decoration work she had been getting done. It was a very casual conversation that Ms Kay fantastically turned into part of the session. As she tied the final rope she explained how one of her decorators had made a minor error (the details aren’t important) and that since she could not punish them, I would have to take their place. As she gagged me and slipped a blindfold over my eyes, she actually said ‘Its Mankind against Womankind after all’ That immediately put me in the mindset, and Ms Kay completed her domination over me with a hood and a set of ear muffs.

Next came the pegs on my nipples, and a leapt at her touch as she pulled down my panties and started applying pegs to my C&B’s. I really leapt when she tickled my feet, and I felt the table move at the first punch from the Stinger. The worst however was still to come as Ms Kay knows how to really torment me while forcing me to be still at the same time. Even when dancing over the pegs, Ms Kay’s vibrating wand feels so good, and when she jammed it into the bottom of my balls I began trembling. And thus I remained as still as I possibly could when Ms Kay REALLY worked me over with the Stinger, the Neon Wand and pinwheels. Forcing myself to stay still I feared losing those beautiful vibrations. Going back and forth between pleasure and pain overwhelmed me.

After when seemed like an eternity both the pleasure and pain left me, and I lay there, only moving, and moaning, when Ms Kay plucked the pegs off me. Then as a final reminder, Ms Kay gently stroked my bruised nipples, before pressing down firmly on my chest, getting on final moan out of me.

As always, I left with a large smile on my face.

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