Miss Kay knows exactly what I like

So here we are in 2022 in its time for my first visit to Miss Kay, this time armed with my Christmas present to myself, a nice, made to measure leather straight jacket. I know there was a little spring in my step when I slid my arms in, but I’m pretty sure I saw the same in Miss Kay as well.

After the pre session gab I undressed and slid my arms into the straight jacket. Then Miss Kay sealed me in, first with the Velcro strap up the back, followed by three back straps and then the inbuilt collar. The collar itself is pretty thick and since I have a short neck it was almost like a posture collar. Next came the belly band, (the front of the jacket is short enough to leave my nipples exposed). Once the band was  I bent my arms round and Miss Kay fastened the connecting strap behind my back, before finally using the last strap to bind my arms together in the front, connected to the belly band. To finish it all off, Miss Kay took a leash and connected it to my collar.

Miss Kay knows exactly what I like, so I was allowed to stand there hugging myself, enjoying the restraint while also posing for some pictures. We also started chatting about future sessions, as well as some fashion accessories to add to my look. This light part of the session was soon to end however as Miss Kay doesn’t want me be comfortable.

After strapping a leather bit gag in place, Miss Kay ordered me to turn around, before she went to work with one of her canes. Would not be the first time today I realised just how much I rely on having my arms for balance, as each crack of the cane left me having to think about staying upright. This was of course the second thing that went through my mind. The first was ‘**** that hurts’ Giving me only a little break to take pictures, Miss Kay continued her assault, pulling down my panties to remove what little protection they offered.

Straightjacket or not, it never fails to make me tremble when Miss Kay pulls down my panties. Despite the frilly lace offering no protection what so ever, there is a phycological element of defence that comes from wearing something, and by simply pulling them down, Miss Kay had removed that and made me feel more submissive. This action was of course followed up by more swats from the cane, and more photos of the developing marks. When Miss Kay pulled my panties back up, my defences were not restored. I was under no illusions about who was in charge.

Next I was ordered to stand in the corner and ‘contemplate’ what would be next, before being ordered to walk around and then pushed ‘ gently’ to the floor, and left to struggle futilely to get back to my feet. Again, you never thing how much your arms matter, and I could not get back up without Miss Kay’s help, for which I earned myself a punishment.

Standing in the corner again, Miss Kay left the room to gather some items, before coming back. Then everything went dark as I was blindfolded. Feeling a tug on the leash I was walked around the room. This was such a wonderful sensation, again making me feel really submissive. I know the layout of the room well, however being led around on a leash like that was so much fun I quickly lost all sense of where I was. I realised that I was left standing in front of Miss Kays desk, and fear started to build in me when the first peg was added to my balls. Where there is one, there is more. So almost the entire set of metal pegs were added to my cock and balls with the last two being reserved for my nipples.

Then, standing there I was subjected to repeated shocks from the Stinger, and the nice by comparison continual shock from the Neon Wand. Once Miss Kay bored of shocking me in the front I was ordered to turn around, and the process was repeated on my back. Then the true mistress of evil reared her head with something that completely through me. I was genuinely confused when the pegs were removed. Our time could not have been up already, I’m no wear near breaking point. And for the briefest of moments my heart sank. Then I heard the sound of a zip lock bag opening, and the sound of several wooden pegs being brought out.

I’d say it was 33% joy, 67% terror in me when I realised that Miss Kay intended to use her zipper ties on me. It switched to 100% terror when she quickly pulled my panties down and began applying the pegs to my already tender cock and balls. With them securely in place, I was instructed to dance for Miss Kay, alternating between swinging my hips from side to side, and thrusting them back and forward.

Dammit this woman know too well to how to mess with my head. “your enjoying that aren’t you, you slutty boy, girl ,whatever it is you think of yourself as” She was right, I was enjoying it and I even enjoyed being called a slut. With more prompting from Miss Kay it wasn’t long before my mind was imagining that I was performing for a crowd. But I wasn’t performing for a crowd, just my mistress, and as soon as the pain became to much for me to continue my dance, Miss Kay resumed working me over with her electrical devices. Then came the dreaded moment.

“on the count of ten” she said “Ten…Nine…Eight…Seven…Six” I knew what was coming and I also knew she was going play by her own rules, but even then  when she just went “5,4,3,2,1” in less time than it took me to type and ripped the first zipper off, O still doubled over in pain. The second one was even less ceremonial, just grabbed and pulled. My balls were on fire, and this is when Miss Kay attacked me, viciously with the Stinger. Despite my best efforts to be a good submissive I eventually started to break, and even know what it would mean, I gladly accepted when Miss Kay offered to provide me with a distraction to pain.

Led around again by the leash, I bent over the arm of the sofa and endured the sting of the cane. When I could no longer stand that I endured the Stinger again. Eventually Miss Kay offered me and out, an I admitted to having enough. After being freed from the straight jacket, it took me several minutes to nurse my hand back to life, having been so thoroughly restrained. As always, I left with a nice big smile on my face.

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