Lucky 13th visit…..

It was a special occasion for me when I set of for my latest session with Ms Kay. In addition to being a wonderfully sunny bank holiday Monday, it was also the one year anniversary of my first visit to Ms Kay. Prior to my first visit I doubt I could have been more nervous, however Ms Kay has always been and continues to be simultaneously a fantastic host, putting me at ease, and a professional domme, pushing me beyond the limits I envisioned in that first session.

So in order to commemorate this anniversary, I felt it was only appropriate to buy Ms Kay a suitable gift. This unfortunately brings me to a very important piece of business I would like to get out of the way.

I would like to offer a formal apology and my heartfelt sympathies to all future victims of Ms Kay. I am the one that bought her, The Stinger. Based on her comments, and her delighted laughter as she used it on me, I genuinely believe that you will all be seeing it soon.

So I had given Ms Kay her gift, and in return, Ms Kay also choose to mark the occasion, and she took whatever she wanted from me. Starting with my manhood. So based on another one of the testimonials on Ms Kay’s site, I enquired about being locked in chastity. So that’s how I found myself sitting on Ms Kays couch in her normal pre-session discussion, looking at the cage held in her hands. I was then directed in Ms Kay usual, this is not optional way, to disrobe myself and stand in front of her. Standing there only in my panties, she pulled them down, and locked me in.

At first it was a bit of a struggle and Ms Kay was having limited success. I had mixed feeling about this but then, just as it looked like it wasn’t going to happen, a mysterious voice offered to help. I say mysterious because looking back on it, I cant rationalize why I offered to help her lock me in chastity. So with my help, a short while later, the padlock clicked into place, and Ms Kay dangled the keys in front of me, before popping them into a bag.

Next Ms Kay took my voice, as I accepted a large red ball gag in my mouth. Then my freedom. I was told to lie on my front, and Ms Kay swiftly hogtied me. Then she took the time to ask if my chastity was comfortable. After learning that I was, she finally decided to take my dignity, going to work on me with her new Stinger. So the Stinger is basically a shock prod, masquerading as a magic wand, making an impressive cracking noise as the electrical charge discharges. Initially it was more of a surprise than it was painful, however like any tool, all it took was time for Ms Kay to learn how to use it. Eventually Ms Kay got her eye in and soon it became a savage combination of surprise and pain, and Ms Kay soon found she could prod me, causing me to jump, or drag the tip across my skin, causing a crackling effect. Finally it reached the point where even the touch was enough to make me jump It was not just my back, legs and feet which received the treatment, and I was instructed to roll onto my side so my chest could receive the same.

In addition to the big things that Ms Kay does, I’m also a fan of the small things. Simple gestures or actions that show she is in charge, or that let me get involved. Today was not difference. I love the way Ms Kay casually put her foot on my thigh to stop me from trying to curl up when I was on my side. I love the way she took the time to read the box AFTER using the Stinger on me while I lay tied on the floor laughing into my gag at her comments. I loved the way she grabbed the rope and pulled my onto my front at the end, showing her dominance. I love the way Ms Kay giggled as she used the Stinger on me. And I loved the way, when finally released from my hogtie, she undid the gag, just enough to drop it from my mouth, then re-buckled it, leaving me with a ball gag slave collar I suppose, for the remainder of the session.

After being freed from the hogtie, Ms Kay instructed me to follow her to the next room. She carried a glass of water and her new wand. I carried a bag containing the rope I knew would soon restrain me again. Next I lay on my side on Ms Kay’s massage table, and I had my first experience with anal play. Unfortunately Ms Kay’s smallest plug was more than I can take. I knew going in that this would be experimental and may not be possible so I wasn’t too disappointed, so you can imaging my satisfaction when I was able to take one of the prostate massagers that Ms Kay has in her collection. Working her magic on me Ms Kay soon had me panting, before declaring that I was clearly enjoying this too much and removing it. I was then placed on my back, had my hands tied to the side of the table, received blind fold, and was told to open, as Ms Kay secured a cock gag in my mouth.

While getting used to that, Ms Kay broke out her new TENS pads, and started in on me. This is always where things get fuzzy for me. I enjoy being in bondage, even more when there is an element of sensory deprivation in play. I enjoy working the gag around in my mouth. Then you add TENS pads messing with my leg muscles. Ms Kay knows this puts me on the very edge of my sensory limits, and it wont take much to push me over. And sure enough, CRACK, went the Stinger. Full submissive mode, thrashing around in my bonds as Ms Kay torments me. Everytime I got used to something, it would either be the Stinger, and change in the shock pattern on the TENS, or the nice addition of some steel pegs to my nipples. I’d like to say I could do it all day, however the truth is it always leaves me physically and mentally drained. A tremendous feeling. As for the small things. Ms Kay tapping her fingers on my chastity cage teasing that she would leave it on for a month.

Finally one hand was untied and I rolled onto my side again. Ms Kay reinserted the prostate massager. Eventually she turned off the TENS unit so she could tell which moans were coming from what she was doing and which were coming the shocks. Again, making me pant, Ms Kay proudly exclaimed that my bottom would certainly be trainable. And then she removed it, and it would not be coming back.

Then I was fully untied, the pegs removed from my nipples, both gags unbuckled and my blindfold removed, I lay there getting used to the light, willing my body to move again. Then, as always, the session moved to a conversation about what I had enjoyed (everything) and my thoughts (apologising to everyone else for the stinger)

Normally at this point I would make a comment about how much I had enjoyed the session, sing Ms Kay’s praise, and say that I am looking forward to the next session. This time I cant, as technically, the session is not over. I said at the beginning that Ms Kay ‘took’ from me. The truth is that she gave me so much as well. First of all she gave me a terrific experience which I will not forget and stokes my excitement for next time. The second thing she gave me were a pair of dates. The first is for our next session, which I always like to book in advance. The second was the day where, if she is in a good mood, she will unlock my chastity cage.

So yes, I can say without a doubt I would say that a visit to Ms Kay is well worth your time. As always I left with a big smile on my face, and am looking forward to the next session. And I’m not just saying that because Ms Kay has control of my manhood for the next several days. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an essay to write. Ms Kay casually mentioned that I should write an essay about my favourite experiences in the last year. I cant tell if she was serious or not, but I cant afford to upset her right now.

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