It’s good to talk

I’ve been visiting Miss Kay for over three years and I have to say this was my best visit by a mile!
For the first time, I really opened up to Miss about my motivations for being punished and how I wanted to feel during it, not just what I hoped would happen.  What a difference it made and I would encourage anyone to do the same.
Miss is such a skilled practitioner that she took that information and crafted a session that was exactly what I needed.
In terms of describing the session, there isn’t that much to say….
I spent an hour in diaper position as Miss unloaded her full arsenal on my exposed cheeks.  From memory I felt multiple paddles, the hairbrush, 4 or 5 straps and a couple of canes – I’d reckon over 500 strokes in total.
I left with a feeling of complete relaxation and calm and a very sore bottom!
Thanks Miss Kay – and remember everyone – it’s good to talk!

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