It felt like a wasps nest had been let loose on my backside!

Yesterday it was off to Lanarkshire for an appointment with the lovely Miss Kay for some correctional therapy.. I was requiring the correction while Miss Kay would administer the therapy. After a nice refreshment and chat it was off to the correction room with me carrying Miss Kay’s canes and Miss Kay bringing along various other implements. Straight away I was bent over the spanking bench and my rear end was expertly warmed up with a good hand spanking. After that the convent strap which has a bit of a sting to it was used followed up with a long handled bath brush. I was then asked if I would like to sample the dressage whip, how could I refuse? Miss Kay expertly flicked the end if the whip across my exposed rear and it felt like a wasps nest had been let loose on my backside. My correction continued with various other implements including 24 strokes with her canes and a good leathering with her tawses. Next I was told to stand up so that she could belt my hands. I received six strokes each from four different tawses. My hands would have glowed in the dark. Finally it was back over the bench for the prison strap and half a dozen strokes of the riding crop. It was a well corrected boy who travelled home looking forward to his next correctional therapy visit.ACK

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