Instant Paingasm!

Yesterday saw me attending another fantastic session with my Mistress, Ms Kay, and at the end of the session I was cleaning up after myself, more on that in a moment, when we had a rather interesting conversation. It seems that one of Ms Kay’s other clients had specifically referred to one of my earlier testimonials and expressed surprise that Ms Kay had ‘done; those things to me. As I was standing there in just my panties, stockings, my favourite wrist and ankle cuffs and being lightly tortured by a pair of nipple suckers, I couldn’t help. I’m famous. As the conversation progress however Ms Kay and I considered the possibility that some people may be getting the wrong impression about a session with Ms Kay, or even worse, being turned off altogether by some of my testimonials. With that in mind I decided to take a moment in this testimonial to address this possibility.

When you get right down to it, Ms Kay has never ‘done’ anything to me. While Ms Kay will add her own unique twist, ever session has been my idea, and every torture has started off as my request. Ms kay helps me to explore my fantasies and in exchange gets to live our her own fantasies of domination. Ms Kay may have once commented about putting me in heels, but I was the one who decided to go ahead and do it. She may have planted the idea, but I was the one that was curious enough to give it a go. I have been visiting Ms Kay on a regular basis for more than two years now. Our relationship has evolved over this time, as have my own tastes and kinks. If you find yourself reading one of my testimonials and being put off, please bear in mind I do not start off this intense. It grew over time and I now consider my self to be a very kinky person.

If you find yourself being put off by my testimonials, I would ask you to consider this. You still read it, so at least a little part of you is curious. I know you are because two years ago I was the one being put off by some of the testimonials, but my own curiosity led to my first session with Ms Kay. My advise, start slow and let your own experiences evolve over time. Book a session you know you will be comfortable with and ask to see which ever toy it was that peaked your curiosity, or to try which ever idea caught your attention for just a few minutes. Worst case, you spent a few minutes and now you know and go back to what you like. Best case, you might find yourself in a position like I did yesterday.

Which started with me lying on my back, in my heels and stockings of course, as Ms Kay attached a pair of spreader bars on each side of me, running wrist to ankle. Then in a truly inspired piece of work, she attached a heavy duty bicycle chain to the centre of one spreader bar, ran it down my leg, between the platform and heel of my shoes, and back up to connect to the other spreader bar. The entire set up meant that I could not move my arm without moving my leg at the same time, the chain ensuring I had to move both feet to do that, which in turn meant that my other arm had no choice but to move as well. It was so effective in fact that I got lost in exploring the bondage and for a brief moment forgot why I was in this position in the first place.

Then Ms Kay sat on the couch which was above my head, and the hot wax began raining down on my chest. At first it was no worse than a really warm shower but it soon began painful to the point where I was breathing heavily and beginning to squirm. It was my first time doing serious wax play and think that each individual drop was bearable, however by the time the next drop hits you there hasn’t been enough time to recover from the last one, and so on, and gradually the sensation builds up to the point where it becomes painful. And in this case Ms Kay was using three candles at once. With the benefit of hindsight I can appreciate just how fantastic the bondage was. Instinct had me trying to reach up to protect myself, however the spreader bars stopped this, and my legs instinctively flexed, causing my arms to pulled the opposite direct of what instinct was telling me. At the time however all I could do was writhe in pain and enjoy my predicament.

Prior to the session, I had offered to be Ms Kay’s living canvas, and she was taking her time to create her artwork. Everything from my waist to my head was fair game and nothing was spared. My favourite moment was trying desperately to stay still while Ms Kay took the time to fill in my belly button. I also had to force myself to remain as still as possible when Ms Kay fetched her camera and began taking the first of several, work in progress photos. I cant fault her for that as they do look fantastic.

It was also during this time that we had a friendly conversation about my new name. I’m reasonably sure Ms Kay called it a pen name however all I heard was pet name. So we batted around some ideas. I say we, it was really Ms Kay as I was struggling to concentrate through all the pain being caused by the still dripping wax. Eventually out of desperation my memory spat out something that Ms Kay had called me in a previous session. The Purple Prince. And so Ms Kay’s artwork got its name.

The Continuing Adventures of The Purple Prince of the Woods.

After a some time, I legitimately lost all sense of time during this session, Ms Kay gave me a rest, commented on my tropical disease and left me alone in the room. I couldn’t get the best view from my position but lifting my head I could easily see what she would mean. Multi coloured spots were everywhere. I struggled to admire it too much however because in truth I was exhausted. Between the limited amount of thrashing around and the tension I had held in my muscles while posing for photos had definitely taken their toll. The issue was not really the amount of pain, rather that it was constant, and I spent most of my ‘break’ completed slump on the floor in my bondage.

Ms Kay did return however and with three additions for her canvas. The first was a open mouth hood. The second was her largest ball gag. The third was another hood. When spoiled for choice Ms Kay will normally just take the option of everything, so it was goodbye sight for me. Then it was time for a little bit more wax on her canvas. When it stopped I thought I was getting a second break however this was just so that Ms Kay could attach a pair of nipple clamps and chain to me. Normally nipple clamps are painful going on and then become tolerable till they a played with again, or worse, come off. In this cause they were less tolerable as my nipples were already sensitive from the previous wax treatment, and the continuing play didn’t help.

Eventually after much more treatment I clumsily called out for mercy around the ballgag. Mercy just means do something else. Ms Kay’s words. My ‘rest’ consisted of me lying there while Ms Kay randomly prodded me with the stinger. I didn’t mind however, I had already gone to my favourite place, subspace. I lay there, giving token resistance with every shock while Ms Kay told me a story. I’m afraid I cant relay the story however I wished it would go on forever as despite the random shocks, I was perfectly content.

The next round of wax play snapped me back to reality however, and this was the worst. Mainly because I had to remain as still as possible while Ms Kay proceeded to use the second set of candles to glue the stubs of the first set to me. Three of them were attached in the end, still lit, turning me into a human birthday cake. The worst part believe it or not, was when the one in my belly button fell over, taking the wax plug there with it. I wanted to do that.

Then it was time for the big finish. Eventually my squirming caused all the candles to fall over though Ms Kay had blown them out before this (safety first) so there was no harm. Then Ms Kay peeled the nipple chain out of the wax and I braced myself for the first nipple clamps to be undone. A second later I was curled up in a ball, or as much as the spreader bars would allow, trembling. Ms Kay had just viciously yanked the chain and both clamps off in one swift motion. Instant Paingasm.

I know Ms Kay said something to me at this point but I don’t know what it was. My brain was rebooting and I couldn’t focus on anything for a couple of minutes. Eventually I regain control of my body and lay back down. Ms Kay then used a few strokes from a cane to break up to the wax covering, and then brushed the rest off of me. This was all while I came down from my weird high. The strangest thing I remember was the sound of the wax being brushed off my chest over my shoulder. It almost sounded like heavy rain for a moment. Finally Ms Kay removed the spreader bars, chain, hoods and gag and the process of clearing up began.

This session had involved a lot of planning due to the mess. I had actually spent the entire session lying on old sheet, which itself was on top of some foam floor tiles. This was all to protect Ms Kay’s floor and to contain the mess. At the end of the session I had to carefully flip onto my front to make sure the last of the wax was caught by the sheet, and removed my heels to so I could easily pick up the few stray pieces. Carefully folding up the sheet ensured that the wax was contained.

This bring me back to the start of the review. As a final measure, Ms Kay attached a new pair of nipple suckers to me. While wearing these I put the sheet in another bag as well as taking apart the floor tiles. Then we had our post session debrief. In spite of everything it felt weird to do this while wearing the nipple suckers. It was a fantastic session though the amount of prep involves means it is more of a special occasion thing. My favourite parts however were getting my new pet name, and also a sign that Ms Kay had me hold during a number of the photo’s. You see my pet name ,the Purple Prince, may be who I am, however the sign shows the world what I am, Property of Torture Cottage.

I have eagerly booked my next session, and till then I have to wait patiently to see what is next for The Purple Prince of the Woods.

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