In my increasingly submissive state, I allowed my mind to torture myself with a number of fantasies.

In my previous sessions with Ms Kay she had indulged my desires to explore my limits for physical torture. Having pushed those limits a little to far, I requested a lighter session from Ms Kay. I got exactly what I wished for and more. While barely touching me, Ms Kay visited and number sensations on my body, and in my increasingly submissive state, I allowed my mind to torture myself with a number of fantasies.

The session began with me sitting in a chair. First I had a hood and blindfold put on me. Then a separate thumb-cuff was attached to each hand. With a rope fed through each cuff, my hands were put behind my head, and the rope tied of somewhere at my feet. With a command of open, a gag (not sure if it was a ball or penis gag) was forced into my mouth and strapped in place. I’ll admit to enjoying playing with the gag in my mouth, while at the same time savouring the experience of Ms Kay tying my ankles to the legs of the chair. Finally, some ear muffs were added significantly reducing my hearing.

I have no idea how long I was in that position but it seemed like forever. It was made worse (better) by Ms Kay leaving the room on a regular basis, or by taking her time between each form of torture. This left plenty of time for my mind to play its tricks. With my hearing impared I could only make out vague details, and my mind filled in the gaps with a fantasy. Was that the postman at the door, or was Ms Kay inviting the workmen across the street in to play with me. The music in the distance. Was Ms Kay just sitting quietly in the room or was I really on my own, where not even a safe signal would help me.

When I wasn’t alone with my thoughts, Ms Kay took her time tickling me, lightly flogging me and dripping some wax on me. Every time I tried to twist away, zero success. I briefly got to twist a different way. For the shortest of moments Ms Kay teased me with a vibrator. In hindsight, I was glad for the blindfold when I let my base instincts take over, and I tried to grind against the vibrator. I felt like such slut, and I wouldn’t have been able to look Ms Kay in the eye. I felt so hot.

Luckily Ms Kay was on hand to help with some ice cubes, teased against my nipples. Unfortunately this didn’t last long as Ms Kay dropped them. Right into my panties. As if that wasn’t bad enough I was then effectively water boarded (not really but me and mind again) as Ms Kay began spraying me with water. It is difficult to truly explain how it feels to have droplets of water slowly run down your chest when you immobile and deprived of sight and hearing. I couldn’t tell if it was water or if it was Ms Kay doing something new. It was a unique experience, especially on a warm summer day.

Eventually though the strain in my arms grow to be too much and I had to be untied. After a period of rest to stretch out my muscles I was told to lie on the ground and was bound in what Ms Kay called a ‘diaper tie’ Put simply the thumb cuffs, still attached from earlier, had a rope tied through them and my legs were bend up before being tied off at the ankles. Kind of a reverse hogtie. All this while still, hooded, gagged, blindfold and earmuffed. By design Ms Kay had left me with two options. I could keep my legs up, reducing the strain on my thumbs but putting strain on my legs. Alternatively I could rest my feet on the floor, put that would pull my arms out straight and put pressure on my thumbs. After alternating back and forth for a while (with the occasional light canning from Ms Kay) I found a third position. I could tuck my feet right up to my bottom, and resting on my tip toes, could put strain on my calves instead of my thumbs or legs.

I had plenty of time to work this out, as, in my mind, Ms Kay sat there with an amused expression on her face. Truth be told I had no idea what she was doing other than that she was in the room. Eventually I was treated to another water boarding, before being put into some stress positions. My legs were lifted up as high as the tie would allow. I know instinctively that I was to hold the position, however as time passed I slowly lowered my legs. My mind was at work again. Was she watching? How much could I get away with?

Of course she was watching> As soon as my legs got close to the floor, tap tap tap from the cane. This continued for hours (OK minutes) until the end of the session, while I dried out from the earlier water treatment. The session ended with me inspecting the rope marks on my body (my favourite) and hoping that my still damp panties would not soak through to my trousers on the way home. Just another one of those expectedly happy reminders following my latest visit to Ms Kay.

Thank you, and as always, already looking forward to the my next visit.

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