I’ll admit there were a couple of tears this time

Time for my latest session with Miss Kay, and I’ll admit this month I was looking forward to it a little more than normal. This was because the idea had been in my mind for more than a month, being something I had dreamed up during the Christmas holidays. Miss Kay and I had played around with some sensory deprivation in the past however today was time to it up to the next level.

After the normal pleasantries, I stripped down to my stocking sand lace underwear, then knelt before Miss Kay while she strapped me into a new sensory deprivation hood. I’ve been in a number of different hoods during my time with Miss Kay, however there always that little bit of light, the little gap that some light could get through, and I could always hear some of what was going on around me. Not today.

After what seemed to be several minutes, Miss Kay had finished lacing up the hood, securing the two belts, one over my eyes and one under my chin, before tightening the inbuilt collar. I was in complete darkness. In addition to the thick leather, the hood had built in padded blindfold, and thick foam ear muffs. Only by raising her voice could Miss Kay communication with me.

And when she did she told me to walk forward, which I did with extreme care. Eventually I found the chair and instinctively bent over. For the next, I don’t know how long, I was treated to a devious mix of teasing and torture. I would feel something pressed into my back, and not knowing what it was, my mind raced as Miss Kay would run her chose toy over me. This was before it would inevitably come crashing down on my skin. No part of me was safe. Blows would rains down from my shoulders all the way down to my thighs. Sometimes I could tell what it was straight away, a flogger is always going to feel like a flogger, however a twase, a cane or a whip all feel the same when placed gently on your skin.

Important note here, they feel different when they hit you. And regarding the cane. Despite the ear muffs in the hood, I could still make out the swish as it made its way through the air towards me.

Some of the toys gave really nice sensations. The fluffy slippers for example were actually very tender, right up till the point where they hit me. At one point I was left very puzzled while standing there in complete darkness. What was she holding this time. It felt rigid but with a little bit of flex in it, and the material felt curly. I realised right at the last moment that it was a carpet beater. That almost brought me to my knees when it connected.

I know that when you lose you sense of sight and sound your other senses are heightened, however this new hood took it to a whole new level. Eventually when my legs were shaking like jelly, Miss Kay guided me the couch so I could sit and have a rest. Sitting there in complete darkness, my imagination began to run wild. Anything could be happening and I wouldn’t know about it. I got a brief thrill at the idea of Miss Kay inviting a friend over to see me in this state. Thankfully that would never happen, though it was still a rush to think about.

After my rest, Miss Kay took hold of one of the rings in the collar and led me to the foot of her stair. After carefully making my way to the top of the stairs I found myself face down on the table, my hands tied to a rope which ran over my back, round under the table and back it. It was a simple tie, but very, very effective. This was followed by pegs being applied to the soft flesh of my inner thighs. I knew immediately at this point that I was near my breaking point because this hurt like hell. My thighs were already tender from the various beatings I had taken earlier.

The finisher was when Miss Kay began working me over with the stinger. It was even more intense that usual as well, and despite my mind being willing, my body was broken. Eventually I relented and asked for mercy. Normally when the pegs come of they are much worse than when they went on. In this case that had been bad enough going on, and I’ll admit there were a couple of tears this time when they were coming off. Signs of a job well done on Miss Kay’s part. After pausing to take some photos of the VERY interesting marks the pegs had left, I was freed and allowed to start pulling myself together.

On my journey home, which was a lot of fun due to the pain in my thighs, buttocks and back. It didn’t stop me with thinking about ideas for my next session though.

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