I would best describe my recent experiences with Miss Kay as kind cruelty.

So a new year and a fantastic first session in the tender care of Miss Kay. Something I have been wanting to do for a while now is give some insight into my experiences with Miss Kay that go above and beyond just the session itself, showing the benefits of repeat visits. Unfortunately I’ve never had a chance to do so as the session themselves have always been so great that they demand my full attention. Thankfully on this occasion though circumstances allow me to talk about both at the same time.

I would best describe my recent experiences with Miss Kay as kind cruelty. This best describes the email I received from Miss Kay the evening before our latest session in which she explained that we would be discussing ‘how we were going to go forward and push my limits’ It also gave hints about the 5 punishments, each five minutes of a torture of her choosing I would be receiving.

To provide a little context, this was not something I specifically asked for however the punishments were something I had agreed to, and being honest, something I both need and wanted. Miss Kay is not just my Mistress, she is also the keyholder for my chastity cage. I have been trying to increase the amount of time I remain locked in chastity and while I am going longer, I have not yet gone the distance. The punishments would be both the price of failure, and encouragement to do better next time. Miss Kay knows me well enough to be able to push my buttons, and the email left me feeling naked and helpless in my own home, but part of me was grateful for the push.

As for the punishments themselves, they were included in the session in addition to the normal torments Miss Kay visited on me. They included two five minute rounds of bastinado, one while I was hogtied on the floor and the second while I was tied on my back. Each punishment was also accompanied by a clock a few inches from my head, a cruel reminder of how much longer I would have to endure. The first round left me exhausted on the floor however the second left me on the verge of tears. The pain in my feet was almost enough to bring me to my knees when I tried to stand the first time, and lingered for hours.

My next punishment a five minute electro-shock session. Normally I would be thrilled at this however on this occasion it was five minutes with no respite. Without even a few second to gather my thoughts, the assault left me panting for breath. And if that left me short of breath I was in for a brutal shock on the next torture. Five minutes straight of tickle torture, focused entirely on my already tender feet. I was laughing/crying so hard that I was actually glad for the gag I was wearing. I hate to think what the people in the next town over would have thought if they heard me without it. Needless to say, I needed a few minutes of rest before continuing after that onslaught.

I was glad for those few minutes as my final punishment was the one I was both looking forward to the most, and dreading. Miss Kay was going for her favourite target. Leaning over the arm of the couch, my bottom exposed I admit I was trembling. I’ve taken everything Miss Kay tried on me before, but never for five minutes. To my surprise Miss Kay decided not to use her Texas Strap, turns out she was in a caning mood. It wasn’t long before I was dancing and squirming, focusing desperately on that clock, willing it to ring out and single the end of my torture. Eventually it did, and I’ll admit that while I’m actually being canned I would probably prefer to do almost anything else, the incredible stripes left on my bottom, still visible now more than a day latter, are enough to make any submissive want to visit Miss Kay.

These punishment were only part of a session that also include a number of different bondage positions, whipping, regular electro torture and some light nipple play. As a final added bonus, at the end of the session, Miss Kay sent me home with the leather cuffs I wore during the session (from my collection everyone, don’t worry I’m not stealing any of Miss Kay’s toys) still in place. I could have just stopped round the corner and removed them obviously however I am glad I didn’t. Even under my close I felt so self conscious when making the walk from my parking spot to the front door, a truly thrilling experience.

Returning to the things Miss Kay has done for me above and beyond our sessions, I awoke this morning to find an email from Miss Kay providing links and information about some different chastity cages including some I have not seen before. This partly teasing however it is mainly to help. My ‘failures’ in chastity have come from genuine safety concerns, something Miss Kay has never once berated me for. Long term chastity involves more than just locking the cage and away you, and thankfully Miss Kay has been there to provide help and insight, which is why now I believe I’ve got the right cage with the right fit and all the care down.

And that scares me. Like said Miss Kay knows me, and I know that someday I’ll ask for the key at the agreed time, she’ll read me like a book, and that will be the day she says ‘No’

I always look forward to my next visit with Miss Kay.

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