I watched Miss Kay take a seat behind me and begin amusing herself with the stinger.

My latest visit to Miss Kay began as they all do, with a little friendly conversation before the session proper begins. I know logically that Miss Kay does this to build a friendly relationship with her subs and to help put their minds at ease. Today though I could not help but think that she also does it to lull people into a false sense of security. This revelation came to me when I was bent over a table, legs and arms bound, moaning into the cock in my mouth while Miss Kay spanked me and I thought ‘We were talking about the weather a moment ago’

So after lulling me into this false sense of safety, Miss Kay  instructed me to strip in the corner, before I had leather cuffs secured round my wrists and ankles, and then kneeling before her, Miss Kay expertly applied a ball gag and then a leather hood over this. I was then led upstairs and instructed to bend over her table. First my arms were tied to the sides of the table, then my legs spread before being tied to legs. I can only imaging that I looked as vulnerable as I felt, and after letting me stew for a moment, Miss Kay went to work on me. Each and every blow to my bottom caused me to jump however there was no escape. Eventually I resigned myself to my fate and rested my head on the table, expecting my blows.

Then, the hood and gag were removed and Miss Kay turned her back to me and began looking through her collection. Taking the opportunity to look around I saw the slipper, hair brush and lash that Miss Kay had used on me lying next to me on the table, inches away but out of my reach due to my bondage. ‘Lift your head’ came Miss Kay’s next command as she held my next torment on the table in front of my face. Knowing what was expected, I opened my mouth, lowered my head and began sucking on the dildo.

After satisfying herself that I was doing a proper job Miss Kay resumed spanking and swatting me. Imagine my surprise when I realised that tied as I was, every time I jumped now, I would go down on the dildo more, with the worst of Miss Kay’s attentions causing me to deepthroat it. Pausing briefly to blindfold me with bondage tape (I highly recommend this to anyone) Miss Kay found a new torture for me. Armed with a electric stinger in one hand and a violet wand in the other, my body was worked over. After what seemed like an eternity of moaning in my ‘gag’ and left trembling from the over stimulation, especially on my C&B’s, Miss Kay released me and allowed me to regain my composure.

Then she tied a leash to my cock.

Leash in place, I was led downstairs, Miss Kay grabbing her stinger on the way out the door. I was then given some logs to hold while Miss Kay put me through various stress positions. Looking at myself in the mirror while trying to hold these positions, I watched Miss Kay take a seat behind me and begin amusing herself with the stinger. ‘Arms up’ ‘Straighten your legs’ These where the commends issued whenever I faltered. At one point after receiving more than two dozen shocks to the nerves on the back of my knee, Miss Kay commented that I was only doing this to myself. I later learned that she was simply holding the stinger in place so every time I straightened my leg to please her, I would shock myself.

Next came the nipple clamps. All of them. An entire bag. Miss Kay insisted that all of them would be applied and have to remain long enough for a photo to be taken. Unfortunately that didn’t happen as the weight caused the clamps to snap off. So Miss Kay tried again. And Again. And Again. And then one last time.

Finally, unable to get the photo she wanted, Miss Kay took a seat on the couch and began using the stinger on my cock and balls. By this point I was pretty close to broken, so naturally I tried to back away. However the leash was still in place so Miss Kay was able to keep me under control. As an animal lover, Miss Kay considers the use of choker leads to be inhumane, however so commented that she was prepared to make an exception in this case. After more of this I was finally released and the session came to an end.

During the session Miss Kay had repeatedly said to me ‘You know you like this’ Since the first order of business after the session was to book the next session, it’s hard to disagree. As always I left with a combination of aching body parts and a smile on my face.

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