I was there for a walloping and a walloping was what I was going to get.

A Winter WarmerHaving just returned from the warmth of Lanzarote to the cold of home I thought I would pay Miss Kay a visit for one of her nice winter warmers. During the initial chat Miss Kay discovered that I had been living quietly for a couple of months and wondered if I might be a bit soft. Oh good I thought, that means she will be a bit more gentle during the session. Wrong, I was there for a walloping and a walloping was what I was going to get. After a light refreshment the first shock to the system came when she reached for one of her school belts and told me to stand up with my hand out. The first stroke landed and I thought I am going to feel this. Six strokes later I was trying to shake the sting out of my hands to no avail. Next it was over her knee to get the bum smacked. She started of quite gently and I thought to myself, this is quite nice. It didn’t last and soon there was a spoon in her hand that definitely had a bit of a sting to it. After that I was bent over the arm of the settee for more hand spanking of the rear end before I heard the dreaded rattle of the cane jar as she selected her favourite cane. The first stroke landed and I winced a bit due to the small fire that erupted on my rear end. Oh you are a bit soft was her reply as she continued to whack away undaunted. She completed that part of the session with some resounding whacks with her carpet beater. Next it was upstairs for some camera work. Her prison and convent strap came into play before she continued the session by introducing to my bare rear end the various qualities of her cane collection, she has quite a few. The session was finished off with a good whacking with her excellent riding whip that I have to say is one of the best I have ever felt. It wasn’t so much a winter warmer I got, more a winter roasting. The problem is that it will soon be the birch season, oh Joy.

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