I was permitted to kneel before Her and massage and worship her feet……

I had my first visit to Miss Kay yesterday. A really very nice (but much too quick) 3 hours of domestic servitude.
Her directions were straightforward to follow.
And soon I found myself in her living room for a chat and a welcome cold drink.
I found Her pleasant and very easy to talk to although I was nervous and excited too.
She very quickly took control of the situation. And I very quickly felt put in my place and felt that I was falling under Her control.
She instructed me to go into the corner, strip and get changed into something more appropriate for my new position in Her household.
After inspection and 20 minutes or so of cleaning and scrubbing the bathroom, I was ordered back into the living room where I was fitted with a CB6000 and a large black ball gag was strapped tightly in place. All remnants of resistance were now completely erased. And I had the perfect feelings of total obedience, humiliation and subservience. 
Unfortunately I have a bit of a virgin bottom (3 years since) so as much as I wanted the nice black butt plug up there, it proved to be too painful and I been given instructions to train up asap. After another inspection I was ordered back to work. After cleaning duties, I was permitted to kneel before Her and massage and worship her feet as Mistress sat back and relaxed on the sofa. Unfortunately I burst the tube of cream, for which I received a much deserved hard slap to my face with instructions to be more careful in future. The CB6000 and gag had now been in place for about 2 hours so I was not permitted to speak. All I could do was nod vigorously.
All in all, a perfect day. Thank You Miss Kay.

slave r.

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