I uttered a single word ‘Mercy’

As I left to attend another session with the always fabulous Ms Kay, all I could hear was my heart pounding in my chest. That’s because in addition to the normal pre-session jitters, underneath my clothes I was wearing a set of leather ankle and wrist cuffs, a rather revealing pair of panties and a pair of stockings. To top it off, I had a pair of six inch platform heels hidden in the bag at my side. Over my last couple of session Ms Kay had idly suggested heels and stockings, and now I was out in public with them.

Thankfully I made it to the car and driving allowed me to focus my mind on something else and on arriving at Ms Kay’s I was happy to go inside to what I thought was relative safety. Silly me. After the normal friendly conversation (and in these times disinfectant hand wash) I was instructed to strip down to my… You know what, I’ll call it what it is. Lingerie. Thanks to Ms Kay I now have a fetish for wearing lingerie. So after stripping down and slipping on my heels I wound myself walking back and fourth in front of Ms Kay, and thanks to her pointers, I felt I was pretty good at it. I was even able to keep up when Ms Kay attached a pair of light nipple clamps with long chain running between them, and led me around the room, always a respectable distance behind like a good sub should be.

Then, Ms Kay being one for the traditional, placed a book on top of my head to help correct my posture. Again, I thought I was doing pretty well though unfortunately the book slipped on a couple of occasions, sealing my fate. With the chain for the nipple clamps in my hand, I presented my backside to Ms Kay and her cane. Despite the obvious pain this caused, all I could think about was how good the stripes would look. My underwear is made up of straps running over each other in a checkerboard design, leaving plenty of skin available for Ms Kay to play with.

Punishment issued, Ms Kay then put me in a stress position, arms stretched up and out from my body, while holding some pretty hefty weights. Eventually the strain became too much and I uttered a single word ‘Mercy’ I was shown mercy and allowed to rest my hands and then ‘You know you have to be punished for that’ It was nota question, and I gave the only proper answer. ‘Yes Mistress’ Leaning over the arm of the couch, I endured as Ms Kay went to work again with her cane. At the time of writing this testimonial I have not yet seen the pictured though in truth I cant wait to receive them.

Then, a very unusual break. Per my request before the session, Ms Kay had me go through a little modelling session, allowing some nice shots of my stocking clad legs, my fabulous heels and my favourite cuffs.

After that it was back to business. In the next room I stood under the stairs as Ms Kay first attached a ball gag and hood to me, before tying my wrists together and pulling them above my head, tied to the stairs. Ms Kay has done this to me before however this time she went all out, using the highest possible stair. Even in my heels I stretched out and still unable to touch the underside. Completely vulnerable, Ms Kay then attached some more nipple chains and then went to work, alternating between tickle torture, and random electric shocks from her stinger. Always fun.

After Ms Kay had her fun my arms were released and I clumsily made my way upstairs, peering out through the material in the mask to guide me. I was then ordered to lie face down on Ms Kay’s table. This was pure agony as the nipple chains were still attached. It must have taken several minutes to ease my weight down onto these at which point the pain lessened to merely unbearable. This was actually proven to be the case as I struggled to follow Ms Kay’s instruction and she decided simply to remove them. So then all I had to do was rest on my swollen nipples.

While I dealt with that, Ms Kay set about tying me up, each wrist to each ankle. Then I was treated to more electric shocks, followed by constant torment from the Neon Wand. I say constant torment but in truth it was actually quite soothing. This however did not go unnoticed by Ms Kay who then switched the wands attachment to one of the more nasty ones. Then it was torment, broken only by the time that Ms kay stopped to complete the hogtie by lashing the two previous ropes together.

I was well and truly tied at this point and even wiggling around was almost impossible. The worst part though, was that Ms Kay hadn’t actually tied off the final rope. She put in my hand a told me to hold it tight. Think about that for a moment. Given the choice between keeping myself in strict bondage, or giving myself a little comfort, I fear Ms Kay’s wrath enough to let her use me as a plaything rather than the alternative.

Eventually though I was allowed to free myself, and after a quick muscle stretching, I was on my back and tied up again. Very similar tie to the first, it was wrist to ankle, with my doing my best to spread my legs (Ms Kay’s instruction of course) While still in heels this was no easy task. Remember the nipple clamps from earlier. Well Ms Kay did and reapplied them. Then it was back to my electro-treatment. Ms Kay then learned that a shock applied via the metal of the clamps is actually worse than a shock applied directly to my cock. As a relayed this information to her through my gag I of course realised my mistake and the assault on my nipple began.

Eventually, the assault finished as did my session. As always I had a great time and as I left I was only sad about two things. One, that I was six inches shorter now I was back in my regular shoes, and second, that I now have to wait so long for my next session.

During this session there was one moment that I would like to highlight separately. It may seem at first glance that Ms Kay is just a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain and that I am just the idiot that agrees to it, but safety is always at the forefront. This was highlighted in this session when there was an unexpected noise from the table which left Ms Kay concerned, and me frightened since I was tied up on it. When this happened, Ms Kay did not untie me, she cut me free. When safety became a concern Ms Kay destroyed her own property in ordered to make things safe for me as fast as possible. Thankfully it turned out we were concerned over nothing and the session continued without incident, however I always like to give Ms Kay credit where it is due. Safety always comes first, and for all that I have endured at Ms Kay’s hands, I have never felt like I was in danger.

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