I had never been so happy to have my limits pushed like that, and I was completely content in submissive bliss.

Leaning against a door frame for balance, my body trembling below me, with my breathing quick and ragged as Ms Kay sat a mere metre away laughing at me, I can honestly say my mental and emotional state was simple. I had never been so happy to have my limits pushed like that, and I was completely content in submissive bliss.

Earlier my latest session with Ms Kay had began as they all do now. At home, I would slip on my panties, my stocking and my wrist and ankle cuffs, before getting dressed and making the very self conscious journey to Ms Kay’s. After the normal friendly discussion and banter, I discarded my trousers and shirt, and replaced my driving shoes with my six inch heels, completing my submissive outfit.

I often make special requests of Ms Kay for either part or all of a session and my request for today was something which we both thought sounded like fun. Neither of us knew however that it would break me so thoroughly. Starting in front of Ms Kay, she first attached a nipple sucker to each side of my chest. With the toy set to max, the vacuum pulled my nipple a good inch into the tube. Then she used string to tie the top of each of the suckers to one of my wrist cuffs. The string was short enough that I had to keep my hands no more than a few inches from my chest, or I would pull on my own nipples.

Next Ms Kay brought out his zipper ties, and began applying them to my balls. Thankfully I had a little protection here as she applied them through the material of my panties. Once all sixteen pegs had been applied, two set of eight, I was ordered to turn around and then kneel before Ms Kay. Even though I knew what coming I still hesitated a brief moment. Ms Kay half ordered and half pushed me onto the floor so she could get to work, and before long, the loose ends of the zipper ties were secured to my ankle cuffs. After sending me on a quick crawl, Ms Kay decided that the string on the nipple suckers was right, but the ones on the zipper tie were way to loose. This was soon corrected.

Now the strings were the perfect length and I was in REAL trouble. Even standing on all fours was causing a slight tug on my nipples and balls. The act of crawling itself would ensure that every time I put an arm forward, it would pull on my nipples, and everytime my leg extended as part of taking a pace, eight of the pegs on my balls would be pulled. My mistress then completed her handiwork by adding a leather hood, followed by a leather collar to which she quickly attached a leash. Now it was play time.

Ms Kay presented a nice dog ball and told me to go a fetch, before throwing it into one of the corners of the room. To her credit she was not completely heartless and had selected a ball which briefly lit up when it hit the ground, and the leather hood did have some very limited visibility. And this is how spent my day, fetching the ball. Sometimes I would be easy and I’d be right back to Ms Kay for her to throw again. Other times I would lose sight of the ball and really have to search around to find it. My favourites were the times it would roll under a chair or behind a piece of furniture. I would be able to see it, however couldn’t get closer than a foot or so, meaning I had to really pull on those little suckers to reach it.

Play time did have a few nice variations in it. During one, Ms Kay went walking with me, stinger in hand. The first time I was shocked I instinctively on my bottom I instinctively tried to flex away. BIG mistake. In doing so I pulled all sixteen pegs on my balls, and quickly found myself reversing course and backing straight up, right into the waiting stinger. I didn’t take long for me to realise that the best option was to sit still and take it. Another time, Ms Kay left the room to top up her drink. I am usually left alone for brief times as Ms Kay knows I enjoy just wriggling about in bondage, however this time I found myself looking for the least uncomfortable position. This actually came in handy later on when on one of my quests to find the ball I was interrupted by a lock crack, and huge pain from my bottom. I was being flogged. Like the stinger I decided to just take it and adopted the comfy position. This meant sticking my head on the floor, hands by my shoulders and my knees slightly bent. This allowed my the least strain on the string, and let me keep my balance. It genuinely never occurred to me till later that it also meant that I was sticking my bum in the air, practically begging Ms Kay to continue flogging me. Oh well.

Next it was time to go walkies. Taking my leash, Ms Kay led me upstairs. Sounds simple, but in this case, Ms Kay is in the process of getting new floor put in, so as I made my way to the stairs I was crawling over the bare, hard, unyielding, wooden floor beams. Things only got worse when we got to the stairs and every action that was involved in crawling before became harder due to having to climb. Eventually we made it to the top of the stairs by which point I was a wreck. All the activity thus far had been quite the workout, and I was soaked in sweat inside the hood.

Then came the finishing moment. Ms Kay told me it was time to get on my feet. It took a couple of attempts but I managed to get one foot onto the ground, still kneeling on the other. While Ms Kay happily snapped photo after photo, it took me another couple of attempts and finally I was on both feet, although in a ridiculous squatting pose, my hands in the air near my chest.

For the few people reading this that haven’t already figured out how my mind works, I decided to include my exact thoughts as Ms Kay gave out her next series of instructions. ‘I’m going to count to three and then your going to stand up straight.’ Ha, no chance ‘One…’ Okay, time to use the safe word ‘Two…’ I’m actually going to do this aren’t I? ‘THREE!’ Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!

So, like a true sub I tried to stand up. In my defence, about half of the pegs were pulled free before I found myself hunched forward leaning on my knees. I think Ms Kay said something however my brain had checked out. Eventually was able to register enough to realise that Ms Kay was offering to remove either the pegs or the nipple suckers first. After removing the suckers, she was even kind enough to let me remove the remaining pegs on my own, which of course still hurt but still no where near as much.

And that brings us full circle. I tried to take one step and then grabbed the doorframe before collapsing. For me, this was a excellent sensation and was quite content to ride the euphoric high, and even when Ms Kay was laughing at me, it made me smile because I knew it meant that she had enjoyed herself as well. I had envisioned this to be only part of the session and while mentally I would have loved to continue, my body was a mess and continuing would have been dangerous. To Ms Kay’s credit she did, after giving me plenty of water, improvise some gentler ways to finish the session after that, and she did not push it when it became clear that I was done. After a light caning was slumped over the arm of a couch riding a second wave of euphoria.

The session ended with another friendly conversation and debrief, with me sitting in my submissive lingerie (strange feeling but still nice) before parting company. I have suffered worse pain at the hands of my Mistress, however in this case it was a combination of the constant building pain, and the submissive headspace created by the session that ultimately pushed me over the edge. Session like this are obviously not for everyone (even Ms Kay stated that she would have been worried if it had not been for the fact that I had requested this particular treatment) however for me personally, this is going straight into my list of favourite sessions with Ms Kay.

Like always, the thought of the next adventure of my alter ego, the Purple Prince, brings a smile to my face.

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