I enjoyed myself so much that in order to make up for lost time, I have another session booked for next week!

Due to circumstances, I had to go three months without one of my regular visits to Miss Kay, so I was very eager when in learned that Miss Kay is now in a position to start hosting guests again. Luckily and unfortunately for me, Miss Kay was also eager and was kind enough to indulge me with a ‘mega session’ 

After washing and sanatising my hands, the session started with the normal friendly talk, mainly catching up and what we had been up to in the recent months. It also provided a long awaited chance to show off my new toys and provide Miss Kay with a small gift.

During this conversation Miss Kay determined that I had been a naughty boy. What for? I was wise enough not to ask. So I then found myself stripped to my underwear and leaning over the back of a chair, my arms and legs bound, and receiving a light caning. It turned into a more severe caning after my pants were pulled down. As much as it was uncomfortable, I was quietly pleased to hear that stripes were appearing on my bottom. Some things never change.

Next I was hogtied on the floor in front of the couch. At Miss Kay’s feet I was helpless as she went to work poking and prodding me with the Stinger. Perhaps it was the longer than normal session or perhaps it was just in my head, however this seemed to go on for an eternity. Eventually I reached the point where I decided to try and wiggle my way to safety, at which point Miss Kay grabbed the main rope of the hogtie and pulled me in a tighter tie. See then proceeded to use my as a footstool, while remarking that her my panties perfectly matched the pattern on her shoes. 

Following this was the first chance to make use of my new toys, a set of arm and thigh cuffs, matching my wrist and ankle cuffs. Both Miss Kay and I took some time to admire them before I got to experience my last toy. I cant properly describe the feelings I had when I was kneeling in front of Miss Kay while she secured a collar around my neck and attached a leash to it. It has long been a recurring element in my fantasies however unfortunately I have I have a thick neck, so I had resort to having a collar custom made to fit me. And now I finally get a chance to live out that fantasy. 

On the end of the leash I was pulled to my feet and Miss Kay fitted me with her new ballgag. It was huge. A real jaw stretcher, and also featured a nice panel on the front to complete the effect. In addition to completely filling my mouth, it left me on the verge of drooling, and at the same time, it was perfectly comfortable. Next I was standing under the stairs. It was here that I entered a truly submissive state.

First I was ordered to stand on my toes. This naturally put a huge amount of strain on my calves. Then Miss Kay went to work attaching every item from her nipple clamp collection onto me. From past experience I expected the collection to fall off at some point before it could be finished. To my surprise, the enitre collection remaining in place. I was in a hood at the time so I could not tell how many items Miss Kay carefully position on me. I do however have the pictures and count no less than three different nipple chains ranging from small to full size chain links. The mid sized one also had five fishing weights attached to it. Then after since there was no space left on my nipples, Miss Kay hung a further mid size chain and another full size chain to the ones already attached. Then two carabiner hooks. Even without being able to see, the pain at this point was exquisite. And I knew that next would be the largest weight, which I have never been able to hold for more than a few seconds. I was genuinely shocked when I felt Miss Kay gently let my nipples take the weight, and everything remained in place. Okay, I was actually in a considerable amount of discomfort first and then I was surprised after I got used to it.

At Miss Kay’s direction, I began swaying my body in order to set the weight swinging. My mind went to some kind of weird erotic dancer, and I was loving it. From there Miss Kay alternated between setting the weight swinging much further than I was managing, and shocking me with the Stinger. She paused for a moment and asked me to choose, SNAP, the shocks, or SWING, the weight. She continued to alternate between the two and demanded I choose while I remained silent. Then the option I enthusiastically nodded to finally came. BOTH. I don’t know why but I wanted more. And that’s exactly what Miss Kay gave me. For maybe one or two minutes I received this treatment before my poor nipple finally gave out and all the chains, clamps and weight went crashing to the ground, while I roared in pain.

Miss Kay gave me a brief moment to rest before ordering me back onto my toes. She tied my left ankle to the thigh cuff on the same leg, forcing my to stand on one leg, one toe? Then she got to the gift I had provided. A set of home made zipper ties. She then applied all the pegs from both sets in two rows up my front, with one on each of my very tender nipples. Next she then began began writing on my front and back. Permanent marker of course. Still hooded, I could only imagine what she was writing while I was at her mercy. Then, I was left alone. I’m sure Miss Kay knew I would sneak the chance to rest my full foot on the ground, however with my other leg tied this was only a slight relief. When Miss Kay returned of course I got back onto my toes and my leg was killing me. After some light teasing I was forced to put my foot down. All it took was a slight ‘Up’ from my Mistress and I would be back up on my toes. My leg was trembling for the full three or four seconds I was able to do this. I tried a second time and managed about two seconds. Miss Kay was laughing at me by this point and suggested that I needed a pair of heels for the proper experience. Something to think about. 

Then I took a deep breath when I felt the slack on the zipper ties being taken up. 

I thought that after many sessions involving nipple play I was used to the sensation of having nipple pegs being taken off, and that the zipper tie would only be slightly worse. It was a thousand times worse. Not for the faint of heart.

Finally I was allowed to rest my legs and led upstairs and after a quick swap of gags, I was tied spread eagle on Miss Kay’s massage table. Making use of the new cuffs, this tie also involved my thighs and biceps being tied down as well. What followed was one of the most brutal sessions I have ever been subject too. It started with Miss Kay applying one of the zipper ties through my panties to my cock and balls. I’ll will admit that this idea actually intrigued me at first. From there I was subject to a combination of one off shocks from the Stinger, and more prolonged periods from the the less intense neon wand. Both are equally frustrating when wielded by a expert like Miss Kay. I would have gladly taken more of this treatment over what come next though. 

I distinctly remember clenching my teeth on my gag and my breathing quickening when Miss Kay took up the slack on the zipper tie, and after a brief moment, ripped it off. I have read online that some people who get pleasure from pain like myself, can under certain circumstances, have an almost orgasm like experience from pain. In truth I never really believed it till that moment. Yes it hurt like hell and I am amazed that everybody within ten miles didn’t hear me screaming. And yes, I believe I genuinely lost consciousness for a few moments. However, when my senses came back to me, and stopped every muscle in my body from straining against my bondage, it genuinely felt like I was come down from a high.

Regardless my day was not over. Once she was satisfied I was okay to continue, Miss Kay began applying metal pegs to my nipples, and mainly to my cock and balls. No panties in the way this time. Then she resume her torment with the Stinger and Neon wand. Its always amazing how different they feel when the sensation is applied via the peg rather than directly to your skin. This was broken up with some cruel use of a vibrator to provide some gentle stimulation, as well as some work with pin-wheels and steel pegs.

It during all of this that I found myself alternating between moments of calm, where I would allow Miss Kay to do whatever she wanted to me, and moments where I was thrashing violently, straining to get free. To be 100% clear, I felt completely safe, and I was struggling because I was really getting into things. Miss Kay really pushed my limits during the session and I was alternating between moments in sub-space, and moments of living out a torture fantasy. I was still the one in ultimate control, something which was proven when Miss Kay tried to place the zipper tie on me one more time. I indicated that I didn’t want this, and while Miss Kay teased me about this, she did give my the reprieve I had asked for. 

The session wound down with the always unpleasant removal of the pegs, and then once free and unhooded, I had my first chance to observe what Miss Kay had written on my body. I couldn’t see everything as she had written on my back as well, and I was too exhausted to even try and bend enough to look. Following a friendly conversation about the session and some friendly chit-chat I made my way home. 

Wanker, Subby, and Cock Sucker were just some of words I saw in the mirror, finally getting a chance to inspect Miss Kay’s handiwork. My favourites though had to be Slut, exactly what I felt like, Clitty (with an arrow pointing to my cock, and on my back, Help Youself, with an arrow pointed at my rear. Miss Kay really knows how to play to my fantasies.

As an extra added bonus there was the final process of cleaning myself. The marker would come out easily enough with a little soap and a firm scrubbing. That is unless of course your nipples are very tender from the treatment they have received earlier in the day, in which case even washing near then was an immediate reminder of the day.

I enjoyed myself so much that in order to make up for lost time, I have another session booked for next week.

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