I did jump as Ms Kay pulled down my panties.

Another lockdown complete so of course my first order of business for the Purple Prince was to head out for another session with Ms Kay. It was well worth the wait.

The session was simple in its execution, and simply, brutally effective. It actually started the evening before with Ms Kay ‘asking’ me to prepare some ice. Amazingly I don’t own ice cube trays so I had to improvise with a pair of small Tupperware boxes. The following day I arrived at Ms Kay’s home and we had a friendly catch up and conversation before I was directed to undress. It never fails to shock me into the submissive mindset to suddenly go from normally dressed conversation to embarrassedly standing before a beautiful woman wearing nothing but stockings, panties and my favourite ankle and wrist cuffs. My submissive state was reinforced with the addition of a jaw wrenching ballgag  and a leather hood.

From there I was led into the next room and had my arms chained above my head while standing under Ms Kay’s stairs. I found it strangely relaxing, although I did jump as Ms Kay pulled down my panties. ‘You wont need these’ she calmly stated. She them proceeded to explain that she had recently obtained a new cane, specifically with the goal of getting the best five bar gate pattern on her subs. And I was the first test subject.

At the time of writing I have not seen the photos of the end result, though I am told it looks good. I can also confirm that it felt good both to be caned, and to know that my participation was helpful.

Panties replaced I was released and directed upstairs for the main event. From there I laid back on Ms Kay’s table, had my arms loosely bound by a chain running under the table. This gave me some freedom, but not enough to bring my hands below my shoulders. Then my legs were tied to the bottom corners of the table. It started with a light series of shocks from Ms Kay’s stinger. Nothing more than a warm up. From that point on it was no rest for me. Lifting up my pants, Ms Kay put one of the two blocks of ice in there and pull them back into the place. This block was a good hand size and would be left there for the entire session. I immediately started moaning.

Following this Ms Kay applied a series of pegs to my balls through the material of the pants. At first I felt nothing because I was pretty close to numb down there, but as the session went on and the ice melted the pain started to grow and grow. That was only one of my worries however as over the course of the next hour I was treated to an ending barrage of tickling, electric shocks and nipple torture. To cap it all off Ms Kay would also make use of a vibrator to tease me as well.

Some of the highlights included having Ms Kay’s neon wand stuck between my but cheeks while she works, having both inner thighs shocked by the Stinger at the same time, and having the second block of ice be placed, still in the container on my stomach. This meant that if I didn’t move I would freeze my chest, and if I did move, all the melting water would run down my sides. Moving would also provoke Ms Kay’s furry.

As time went one my moans grew less and less, and my struggling was replaced by involuntary trembling (pure adrenaline) and eventually I lay limp, struggling only when Ms Kay would shock or tickle me in a sensitive spot. By the end of it all I was completely spent, and contently curled up into the foetal position when freed. After a couple of minutes to regain something resembling composure I was able to stand enough to get dressed and have the post session debrief. During this Ms Kay commented that at points I had so much electricity running through me that she could feel her own hands tingling at times.

In the end, all that matters is that I got to feel the submissive joy that only comes from being worked over by a beautiful and brilliantly sadistic Domme. Like always I look forward to my next session.

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