I cried. Yes, I cried real tears.

Yesterday I went to see Miss Kay again. In my last testimony I wrote about spanking as therapy but can a punishment spanking be therapeutic too? I went knowing I was about to be punished for a real life transgression I had made. Previously I had made an agreement than instead of doing something I would contact her and I broke the agreement. This was something (not illegal) that could have potentially had a seriously bad outcome for me. It was a dangerous thing to do and I had confessed to having done it and asked to come and see her. So, I arrived at Miss Kay’s feeling more than a little anxious about what would happen. She said it would be a hard punishment and I deserved it. It was what I both needed and wanted. Well, needed more than actually wanted.
It really was a hard punishment and I cried. Yes, I cried real tears. I had let Miss Kay own and I had let myself down and it hurt! A lot! But it was safe -a lot safer than what could have happened to me. Along with other implements I got 12 hard smacks with the Texan strap, felt the convent strap and was introduced to the spider lash for the first time. That thing hurts!!! The rest has sort of blurred together and I found a serious side to Miss Kay I hadn’t seen before, though still kind and caring. But I needed it. I needed to be held accountable.
I left a very contrite girl with a sore bottom. It took about 24 hours to really calm down afterwards and feel at peace again. I’m still sitting on a sore bottom and think I will be for some time yet. It’s a spanking I don’t want repeated any time soon so I’m going to try really hard not to do it again.
So, in answer to my own question, ”Can a punishment spanking be therapeutic”? Yes, I believe it can. It was for me.
Little Bird

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