I carried on with an inward smile thinking and no-one around knows!

I went to see Miss Kay again last week for my second visit. I had a bit of a nervous start and at one point I actually thought I can’t do this today then I thought don’t be a wimp and after I said out loud that I was more sensitive this time I settled down. Just voicing it suddenly changed how I was feeling.
Looking back I’m kinda surprised at that. Lots to learn I reckon and maybe Miss Kay was spanking a bit harder than the first time and that’s O.K. Probably a bit of both. I got to experience a few more of her “toys”! Interesting! I learned something there too. It’s not
good to tense up. Feels much better when physically relaxed. I was thinking about that today and maybe life itself is much better when you don’t carry a load of tension around.
I have to mention those two straps Miss Kay has on loan. The black one (Gammock) looks fierce and the light brown one (Borak) less fierce. However don’t be misled by it’s pretty, little stamped daisies. I
think it’s feels heaver and harder. It wasn’t too bad because Miss Kay was relatively gentle with it. If you want to find out for yourself don’t wait too long ‘cos it’s going back to it’s owner soon.
After I got back I went to McDonalds (not very healthy, I know) sat there for a while then headed over to the supermarket. As I walked over I thought my bottom’s stinging! Ha! Of course it was. It had just been well and truly spanked! I carried on with an inward smile thinking and no-one around
knows! I got a phone call today from a friend I hadn’t spoken to for some time and she ended the call saying “I must say you sound really positive and upbeat. I don’t know what you’re doing but keep doing it”! Think I’m discovering how a (safely) well spanked bottom can indeed be an attitude
adjuster! :>)

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