I can still see its clear imprint across my cheeks 24 hours later!

“I took the opportunity to call in and see Miss Kay again so that she could punish me for being a naughty boy.  It was straight down to punishment…..”take your trousers off and put them on the chair”, “now over my knee”. Once in position, Miss immediately lowered my pants and proceeded to give me a soundly smacked bottom, firstly with a glove on and then the palm of her bare hand across my bare bottom. And ouch, she has a hard hand! Miss then continued by walloping me with a selection of her slippers, some stingy but quite pleasurable, some so sore that I wriggled on her lap and she told me off for doing so.
And then Miss said “do you know what this is?”. Yes I did! Her new “slipper” donated to her by Miss Fife. A size 4 plimsoll! Now I was whacked at school with a size 9 and 10, and since have been walloped with sizes 9.10 and 11 so was not in the least bit concerned with a size 4! How wrong I was……OUCH! It hurt and I wriggled! Anyone else preparing to be on the receiving end of it, be warned! I can still see its clear imprint across my cheeks 24 hours later!
So i thought that was the end of it when Miss told me to come and stand in front of her so she could have a good look at my bottom. When she moved me sideways on to her, I still had no inkling of what was coming…….WHACK! She started slippering me with the size 4 with me in standing position, each scorching whack lifting my cheeks. When I told her I wasn’t expecting that, she seemed to think those punishments were the best!
Of course, it was inevitable that I’d also end up bent over the sofa and Miss soundly slippered my bare buttocks with her size 11 gym slipper, together with a few other implements and another dose of the size 4. She then told me that was it and I could pull my pants up.
Now a boy shouldn’t really be cocky after being walloped but I couldn’t help it and asked Miss if I could have one more punishment. She told me to choose an implement and bend over. When I held my hands out in front of me, I saw the glint in her eye! Having introduced this English boy to traditional Scottish school punishment last time, she was going to demonstrate it again. 
And oh my goodness, Miss taught me a lesson not be cocky in future. After 4 strokes, I really couldn’t take any more and was doubled up with the pain across my hands. But Miss wasn’t going to let me off……”get those hands up now, I haven’t got all day, I’ve got a whole class to belt”. You don’t refuse when she says that! Somehow I took the last 2 strokes and, when Miss said to get dressed again, pulled my pants and trousers up with throbbing, painful hands which stung and glowed for several hours.
Another wonderful visit to see Miss Kay, who is expert in what she does, knows exactly what to say at the right moment, knows exactly when to wallop you and when to be gentle (yes, she can be!) and knows that a naughty boy regularly needs a sore bottom to correct his behaviour. Thank you Miss.”

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