I am quite new to ‘in real life’ discipline

“My visit to Miss Kay was an extraordinary experience. I am quite new to ‘in real life’ discipline within a professional BDSM context, having only visited a Glasgow Dungeon once before, some eight years ago. That being said, I was in a relationship for six years and my partner and I practiced an FLR lifestyle which included a weekly beating, and I have had a fair bit of online experience also.

Contacting Miss Kay was straightforward, and I was asked to outline my interests and my experience. Several emails went back and forth, culminating in a phone call. Directions to Miss Kay’s place of work were given out in stages, each one bringing me closer to Her, but the exact address not being revealed until the last moment. This in itself was exciting, and of course helps keep Miss Kay safe.

Miss Kay made me feel at ease immediately. Safe words were discussed, conversation around general topics plus more details about the activities and Domme’s that I had met before were had. Then I was eased into the session. Every step of the way Miss Kay let me know what was going on. The implements being used were introduced alongside their history. I felt safe, and my pain threshold was respected, but also tested and ever so gently pushed until I felt I had to say “Amber”. Miss Kay respected my use of the safe work immediately, and after Her careful and professional appraisal of the lovely marks and colours which now festooned my body, She declared that I had probably had enough and we ended my chastisement.

After Care was lovely. I was rushing with endorphins and a little light headed. Miss Kay recognised this and gently talked to me about my experience, what it meant to me and how I felt about it. Miss Kay then taught me about healing times, how one needs to plan for a session as the marks left behind can take some time to heal, and how often one should engage in such activity so as to gradually increase ones tolerance.

All in all, I felt cared for, respected and definitely in the hands of a very experienced professional. Am I scared to return? Of course. Will I? Definitely.

Thank you Miss Kay for an experience that will travel with me for a long long time to come”.

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