Foot worship heaven…

Have had a handful of foot worship sessions which were fine but really wanted to try and spice things up a little. Was attracted to Miss Kay’s profile on spanknet  and boy oh boy had the most incredible experience.

After an initial chat over coffee she told me to “get completely naked” which I found very humiliating and at that stage felt it had little to do with my foot desires. Standing naked in front of her she took a stocking and tied it round my cock and balls. Miss Kay told me that yesterday she had worn the stockings all day, I found that strangely erotic.

Next she requested me to help her remove her boots. I slowly assisted her remove the boots, my pulse was racing as a result of the sensuality of the act I was performing.

Then she told me to lie on my back on the floor with my head close to the chair she was sitting on and my legs pointing away. Miss Kay then raised her feet above my face and told me she did not want me to indulge in any kissing or licking as the ever so slowly brought the soles of her warm stocking feet down on my face. I could feel her nyloned heels on my forehead and her toes enveloping my mouth and nose. Every time she moved over the next ten minutes as she drank a glass of wine I could feel the delicate friction of the nylons rubbing against my skin. I was in total heaven.

Miss Kay then stood up and told me to position a foot stool in front of the chair where my head had been at the same time she picked up a school cane. She then commanded me to kneel in front of her and she handed me six very small buttons, slightly smaller than you would find on a man’s shirt. I was totally baffled by her actions. Placing her feet on a foot stool she told me to place three buttons on each foot, using the tip of the cane to indicate where they were to be placed. I was then told she wanted me to pick up each button with my lips only and place them on the floor whilst giving me a dire warning that ‘if you drop any in the process the consequences would be dire’. It was not an easy task picking up the buttons, a task made harder as I was so turned on. The tightly wrapped stocking on my manhood made me ache.

“What did I tell you boy” she said. “Now bend of the arm of the chair”. Miss Kay took hold of a black plimsoll, the style you used to use in PE lessons at school and proceed to give me twelve astonishing agonising blows with it. I am not good at taking pain and almost immediately reduced any feelings of eroticism I was having.

She then knelt on the chair with the soles of her feet uppermost and told me to place three buttons on each sole. If the act of removing the buttons earlier was sexy this was a hundred times more. I was shaking with sheer excitement. When I had removed the buttons with my lips she stayed kneeling on the chair and told me that I was to such each toe in turn. The stocking around my member felt even tighter.

She then told me that I was to give her a foot massage. She reached out and took one of my hands. “I hate having my feet massaged with cold hands”. I started rubbing my hands together but she walked to the room and picked up an old school tawse. “I have a better way of warming hands, hold your hands out”. Miss Kay gave me three blisteringly painful strokes on my left then right hands. I detested  being belted at school and feeling that dreadful pain. I was dancing about after each stroke. She then felt my hands again “They need to be warmer than that” and proceeded to deliver another six strokes. I was pleading with her to stop and could feel my eyes watering.

Finally he both took up position on the settee where I lovingly gave her feet a long massage with my blisteringly burning hands, every now and again I would kiss her feet and run my tongue between her toes.

That afternoon was nothing short of complete bliss, this lady knows how to take you on a journey you will never forget and it is a journey \i hope she will allow me to take many times in the future.

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