Completely at her mercy….

So its easy to start this testimonial. Simple question. WHY DOES SHE HAVE A BED OF NAILS?

Okay so its not actually a bed of nails but I’ll get back to that later. My latest session with Miss Kay began with me on my knees and unable to stand. Not because I was afraid of punishment or had been ordered not to. It was simply because my legs had been frog-tied together. My arms were similarly tied, leaving me to hobble about on my knees and elbows. And Miss Kay has hardwood floors.

It quickly became agony, it the point where I was more content to take the lash than try to move another step. It was made worse by my high heels which prevented me from bending my ankles, so all my weight was on a small portion of my knees. After being forced to walk around for much longer than was comfortable, I was released, and resolved to buy knee pads in case this is something I will be required to do in the future.

It was only a matter of moments before I was retied, this time, nice and snug inside my straightjacket. Then I was treated to strange compliment. Miss Kay commented on my weight loss as the belt tightened up an extra notch more than the last time. I suppose I should have been jumping for joy, however I was now stuck in a straight jacket and heels and completely at her mercy. I couldn’t even offer thanks due to the leather bit gag strapped into my mouth. After posing for some photos to be added to my own collection, a leash was added to the collar on my jacket, and Miss Kay marched me around at a fair pace. Treatment like that really lets you find out how quickly you can learn to balance in  pair of six inch heels. I would have preferred this to what came next.

From one corner of the room Miss Kay produce an acupressure mat and pillow set. The bed of nails I mentioned earlier. When combined will regular clothes and spread across your entire back I imagine its very therapeutic. I however was only wearing a lace thong. Miss Kay placed in on a chair, and even though I knew it was coming, somehow I was still surprised when I was told to sit on it.

So I’ll leave you imagination to work out what that felt like. Then of course I was left there. While stuck in a straight jacket the possibility of moving was limited unless I wanted to put more weight on the pins. SO instead I just lay there and slowly became used to the feeling, which was actually quite nice after the pain subsided. So of course right on queue, Miss Kay reappeared, and taking hold of the leash, pulled me back to my feet, and then instructed me to sit down again. The evil **** And to top it off, while my body was screaming in protest at this, Miss Kay took the pillow from the set and with a little effort, strapped it to my head, so the pins were digging into the back of my scalp.

Once it became clear to Miss Kay that I had become accustomed to this, it was back onto my feet again and then sitting down. When I was starting to get comfy again, instead of being forced to stand again, it was out with the Stinger to start shocking me. I tried to remain still as long as I could but Stinger’s bite finally overcame me and I started squirming on the blasted mat. Truly brilliant combination.

Next I was ordered to lie down for my final torment. Miss Kay began working me over with the Stinger. Now truly in my element I began thrashing around on the floor, making feeble efforts to protect myself. It really was brilliant fun for me. Once it was over, I was content to just lie there, still in my straightjacket and enjoy the moments rest. Miss Kay allowed me this small luxury, before finally freeing me, bring another wonderful session to a close.

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