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After some ( useless ) grovelling …….

I visited Miss Kay Again Today for some long overdue Domestic Discipline. We exchanged some very pleasant conversation and enjoyed a drink together then swiftly got to the ‘ Bottom of things ‘ ! .I am constantly amazed how this Friendly Lady can instantly turn into an absolute No Nonsense Demon , But I love it . After Being severely… Read more →

It felt like a wasps nest had been let loose on my backside!

Yesterday it was off to Lanarkshire for an appointment with the lovely Miss Kay for some correctional therapy.. I was requiring the correction while Miss Kay would administer the therapy. After a nice refreshment and chat it was off to the correction room with me carrying Miss Kay’s canes and Miss Kay bringing along various other implements. Straight away I… Read more →

“First time visit but not the last……

I was immediately welcomed with a pleasant smile and offer of a cold drink and invited in to a front room to sit on the settee.I then had to apologise for a couple of misunderstandings totally on my part which Miss reminded me would not escape without punishment and indeed they didn’t.We then had a thorough discussion about what I… Read more →

A really exciting session of sensory experiences …..

I had a wonderful and exciting 90 minutes with Miss Kay yesterday. She introduced me to her extensive collection of paddles, straps, tawses and canes. She certainly knows how to use them very effectively, though respected the fact that I am not as tough as some of her clients. We then moved to a really exciting session of sensory experiences… Read more →

Ms Kay’s thrash and dash service.

Having realised I would be passing Kay Towers yesterday and not having a lot of time to spare, I decided to try out Ms Kay’s thrash and dash service. This proved to be a very intense but enjoyable 20 minutes. After exchanging the brief welcoming pleasantries, it was time for the red glove over the knee warm up spanking. This… Read more →

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