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In a Scene expertly Re created from my past I was Leathered !!

Well Today I Again plucked up the Courage to Visit Miss Kay for some much needed Domestic Discipline. This, by a long shot wasn’t my first visit and most certainly won’t be my last , However I was Still an absolute bag of nerves ! After being politely shown into Her Study we exchanged some pleasant conversation over a drink… Read more →

Never any doubt who is in charge!

My latest visit to Miss Kay was a little unusual. Firstly, it had a number of small challenges and experiments in it before my torment proper began. Secondly, I GOT TO WIN. Kind of… So in a previous session I had mentioned a idea which had caught my attention, specifically to have my hand bound by electrical tape while clenched… Read more →

A(nother) Visit to the Headmistress

Today’s trip to Miss Kay took the form of another trip to the strict (and sexy) Headmistress’s office. After the usual pleasantries I was ordered to “disrobe” and to await her return. Miss then extracted the detail of my confession and I was instructed to position myself on the punishment bench as Miss Kay described my upcoming punishment in excruciating… Read more →

Because you want to make me happy…

On my drive home from my latest session with Ms Kay today, my mind kept wandering back to what may be the single most ‘nasty’ thing Ms Kay has ever done to me. When submitting to Ms Kay tender graces I have been bound, gagged, flogged, canned, tickled, spanked and electrocuted. I have had my nipples and balls tortured, and… Read more →

Curiosity, Consequences and Submission. Reflecting On A Year

Curiosity, Consequences and Submission. Reflecting On A Year By one of Ms Kay’s ‘good boys’ Ms Kay, our most recent session together marks the 13th time you have visited your tender mercies on me. During this you enquired about what my favourite things were that you had done to me. There were a number that immediately sprung to mind, and… Read more →

Lucky 13th visit…..

It was a special occasion for me when I set of for my latest session with Ms Kay. In addition to being a wonderfully sunny bank holiday Monday, it was also the one year anniversary of my first visit to Ms Kay. Prior to my first visit I doubt I could have been more nervous, however Ms Kay has always… Read more →

200 not out

Having arranged a last minute Friday afternoon visit to see the fabulous Miss Kay, I arrived at her front door with usual mix of nerves and excitement but I was quickly welcomed in with a smile. As I sat with my water, we talked through the hour to come and agreed on a role play focusing on leather as Miss… Read more →

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