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The second tawse she used was a real stinger!

Yesterday was a lovely sunny morning on a day I had been looking forward to for a while, I was due to visit the lovely disciplinarian Miss Kay. I checked in at the usual time of 09:00 hrs to confirm I was coming. Miss Kay is very particular about this and I once got the belt for being a bit… Read more →

It was not easy. It was however, thrilling and humiliating.

My trip to Ms Kay’s yesterday started the same as all my session do. I am greeted at the door, offered a drink, and then we sit and enjoy some friendly conversation. Simple things, however they reinforce the knowledge that Ms Kay is above all else, a good host, with a smile on her face and cheerful tone in her… Read more →

Over her knee for an absolutely blistering spanking!

Today I again had the pleasure of visiting Miss Kay. I was met by Miss Kay who was immaculately dressed in her smart Skirt , Heels , Nylons and Pink Nylon Tabard. She looked every inch the strict Maternal type I remembered from my past and we recreated as scenario from such times . Miss Kay confronted me about smoking… Read more →

Six of the belt which tingled my fingers.

My first visit today to Miss Kay with a Schooldays revisited theme. Miss Kay welcomed me with a charming smile and showed me into her room. I couldn’t help but notice the various implements in the room that I knew I was going to be introduced to in the next hour. After chatting to Miss Kay to discuss what I… Read more →

Sissy Training

My latest visit to Miss Kay was the best one yet. An afternoon of deportment and discipline. I arrived at Miss Kay’s premises and was directed to the changing room where, under her strict supervision, I stripped and changed into my outfit for the day. We had chatted beforehand and decided I would wear my shocking pink satin dress, black… Read more →

New Hood, New Mitts, New Fetishes……

New Hood, New Mitts, New Fetishes…. New Ideas Before setting off for Ms Kay’s today, I found myself feeling a bit more nervous than usual, for I had made a couple of more specific than usual requests. The first was a simple bondage position that had caught my attention online, where the subs arms were tied at right angles, with… Read more →

Teaching an old dog new tricks……

I was able to visit Miss Kay for the first time in a long time so decided to try some things I had dreamed of for years. After I arrived we sat and chatted about a number of things including my wishes for the evening. Miss Kay is wonderfully easy to talk to. As I had come straight from work… Read more →

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