Better late than never!

It was another sunny day when I slipped one my panties and cuffs and set off for a experimental session with Ms Kay. I’d long been toying with the idea and had finally decided to go for it. After some friendly chat, I was instructed to prepare myself as normal, and wearing nothing but my heels, stocking, panties and cuffs I followed Ms Kay upstairs where she proceeded to wrap me from shoulder to knee in cling film.

When I had enquired about a session themed around mummification I had considered many things however some of the small things that I didn’t think of were quite amusing. The first was that Ms Kay and myself had to take turn at being dizzy. When I was standing still Ms Kay had to circle me, and when she got dizzy I had to spin in place. The heels of course made that a lot of fun. The second thing I had never considered is that the film would not apply evenly, leading to the roll tearing itself. I actually felt a bit foolish standing there doing nothing while Ms Kay located the ripped end of the roll and started again. What was I to do though since my arms were now trapped at my side.

Eventually the entire roll of film was applied, and Ms Kay then proceeded to make me a hobble skirt, made out of powder pink bondage tape. Having my knees forced together like this began putting a strain on my legs, and since this was only a few minutes into the session, I was already starting to doubt my own endurance. Next an open mouth hood, followed by a ballgag, and then a second leather hood. Finally, Ms Kay proceeded to cut holes in the film, exposing my nipples and bum. Now logically you would think I would be worried by this since we all know what coming next, but for the moment I was enjoying the feeling of fresh air on these body parts. It’s a strange contrast between feeling air move around you in one part, and feeling nothing everywhere else.

This exploration of sensation was soon interrupted however as Ms Kay began her evil work. Over the next few minutes I was made to stumble around in the dark as best I could, while she poked and prodded me with her stinger. After that, she proceeded to apply the pads for her tens unit under the straps for my panties, one on either side of the small of my back. I’ve encountered this wonderful form of torture before and its at its most painful if you try to force control of your muscles over its influence. So standing was particularly  troublesome.

While fighting to stay upright, I was not helped by Ms Kay continuing to work me over with the stinger. As much fun as it was I did come very close to losing my footing on a couple of occasions and eventually I did have to stop. Giving the safe signal to Ms Kay, the skirt part of the mummification was released, and I was allowed to sit on a chair while collecting myself. This is of course another nod toward Ms Kay’s professionalism as she did not hesitate to put my safety first, however she knows me well enough now to give me more slack than I ask for. This means that all the film that had been applied could stay on till I was ready again. And in my case Ms Kay knows how to read me and without a word, started shocking me again as well as letting the tens work there magic. I was a trembling mess by the end of this treatment, however I was now really enjoying the sensations as I could do so without fear of injuring either of us.

Next, I was led over to the table and told to lie on my back. After a false start I was able to do so, and Ms Kay removed the hood and gag, before replacing them with a cock gag, blindfold and ear muffs. In sensory deprivation all I could focus on, other than the contents of my mouth, was Ms Kay applying a set of nipple clamps. Them Ms Kay cut herself some room to work in the front of my mummification and started to apply pegs to by balls through the material of my panties. I realised that these were not here metal pegs and in a moment of dread realise that she was applying her zipper ties. The set was completed by the TENS pads being reapplied to my inner thighs.

The next eternity, I don’t know how long it actually was, was spent either in moments of submissive bliss when Ms Kay would just leave me there alone, or feebly rolling around in pain, while Ms Kay would work me over with the stinger and her neon wand. The mix of all the different sensations gradually broke down my resistance and I found myself slipping deeper and deeper into subspace. The only real resistance I offered was when Ms Kay began tugging on the string for the zipper tie, and I weakly shook my head. Maybe this time should would be generous. Of course she wasn’t and after a few more teases of a possible pull, she just ripped them off. That was pretty much me at that point. However Ms Kay had one last cruel trick up her sleeve, and decided to tease me with a vibrator for a while, before finally ending the session.

Finally released from all the fixing, Ms Kay cut me free from the mummification and I realised that mummification may be something best left for colder seasons. The sweat had been pouring off my and was now pooling in the film. It was till however another fantastic session.

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