Because you want to make me happy…

On my drive home from my latest session with Ms Kay today, my mind kept wandering back to what may be the single most ‘nasty’ thing Ms Kay has ever done to me. When submitting to Ms Kay tender graces I have been bound, gagged, flogged, canned, tickled, spanked and electrocuted. I have had my nipples and balls tortured, and I have been forced to kneel before her as she watched me suck cock.

And that was just in today’s session.

The ‘nastiest’ thing Ms Kay has done to me though came after what I thought was the end of the session. As Ms Kay performed one last act on me, I asked why I agreed to this, to which Ms Kay replied “Because you want to make me happy” More on that later.

The session began as it normally does, with my striping to my panties and presenting myself to Ms Kay. Kneeling before her my head was trapped in a hood and my hands sealed in bondage mittens. It felt almost ritualistic as I offered myself to my fate. I then bent over the back of a chair, leaning with my hands (which were quickly bound together and to the base of the chair) on the seat. My panties were then pulled down and I had task of keeping count of how many time I had been hit with a flogger, how many times with a cane, and how many times I had been spanked. For the record, flogger 38, cane 12 and spanked 12 times.

Then I was led by the rope on the mittens to another room, where Ms Kay proceeded to tie my hands above my head, as well as tie one of my ankles off the ground. With my left leg bent behind me, my arms above my head and all my weight on my right leg, Ms Kay began her assault, this time with a flogger aimed at my back, my bottom and my raised foot. Still trying desperately to keep count, I failed as Ms Kay broke up periods of flogging by tickling me, and by viciously squeezing and twisting my nipples. In respond to my efforts to twist away my tormentor insisted I be brave. Bravery was out the window at this point.

After being untied, I made my way rather awkwardly upstairs, where I lay face down on a massage table and had my still mitted hands retied to the head of the table. Ms Kay then proceeded to flog me some more, and before delivering 12 lashes with her Scorpion Tail whip, leaving me a panting mess. Next Ms Kay went to work zapping me with her Stinger. She mainly focused on the backs of my legs, my feet, and of course my poor butt. I don’t think I’ve ever clenched tighter than I did when she started going after my rear.

Then I awkwardly rolled over onto my back, and pulled my panties down at the front as well. I behaved myself while Ms Kay started placing pegs on my nipples and balls. I stopped behaving myself as she started rolling pin wheels over my body, and I really stopped cooperating when she started running them over my feet. So ticklish.

Compared to what came next, ticklish might not be so bad. Armed with a vibrator in one hand and the Stinger in the other, so straight up tortured me. The vibrator made the pegs on my nipples and balls dance, and the Stinger made me dance. I was thrashing around like crazy, and whenever I would try and roll over, Ms Kay would shock my back. If I tried to curl up, I would press the pegs in ways that were far from comfortable. And in the end, Ms Kay spared no part of my body from this treatment.

Next, I was directed to stand at the foot of the table, and after the nipple pegs were pulled off, my hands were retied behind my head, and than a heavy set of chain were attached via clamps to my poor nipples. All ready strained, I knew my nipples would not last long, so I pleaded with Ms Kay to be quick and take a photo. My nipples did give out but we got the photo.

Next I was directed to kneel in front of MS Kay and my hood was finally removed. Ms Kay that thrust a monster dildo into my face and told me to take it in my paws (still mitted hands) and suck on it. Sitting on a stool, Ms Kay proceeded to watch me, deliver instructions and eventually film me as I deepthroated and sucked on the dildo, gradually working my up from a few inches to 8 inches in my throat. I could only nod as she talked down to me. ‘You like sucking cock don’t you?’ You like sucking cock for your Mistress don’t you?’

Finally, a small repose to remove the pegs from my balls, my request as they were quite painful at this point. Don’t say Ms Kay is not generous. Then I laid back on the massage table and after receiving a ball gag, blind fold and some noise cancelling headphone, Ms Kay applied electrodes to my thighs and let the TENS unit do its work. For once though, I was not tied down. Unsure what to do, and not seeking to displease Ms Kay, I ended up viewing this as an endurance test, and tried my best to remain still, with moderate success. Eventually after what seemed like an eternity, the electrodes were removed, my hands finally freed from their mitts, and all the head gear removed.

Believing the session to be over, my heart skipped a beat when Ms Kay said ‘Lets go downstairs and get your device fitted’ Last month, I had submitted to being locked in a chastity cage for a week, which unfortunately I had to cut off after five days due to safety concerns. I accepted my ‘punishment’ like a good sport however Ms Kay always puts safety first and didn’t really blame me. Assuming I had been turned off to the idea of chastity, Ms Kay seemed to perk up when I said that I think I had learned from the experience and hopefully could avoid it next time. I just didn’t believe next time would be today.

So going back to the ‘nastiest’ thing Ms Kay ever said to me ‘Because you want to make me happy’ Was as the chastity cage was locked in place for the second time in two month, in place for a week again. The ‘nastiest’ thing however is also high praise for Ms Kay. She has taken the time to get to know me and that makes our session all the better. After tying me in a new position, Ms Kay often leaves the room, knowing that I like to explore the bondage for a few minutes before moving on (one of my little turn ons) She knows I want to be dominated, and she also knew without any prior discussion that I would agree to be chastity again.

And of course, we all know that I’ll be back for another session.

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