A(nother) Visit to the Headmistress

Today’s trip to Miss Kay took the form of another trip to the strict (and sexy) Headmistress’s office.
After the usual pleasantries I was ordered to “disrobe” and to await her return.
Miss then extracted the detail of my confession and I was instructed to position myself on the punishment bench as Miss Kay described my upcoming punishment in excruciating detail.
True to her word, Miss delivered a stinging warm up of hand, leather paddle, slipper and “stingy” strap.
After that, I was sent to the corner for an eternity (ok, 2 minutes) to contemplate my misdeeds.
I was then back over the bench for Miss to take her vast selection of leather instruments including her new Texas leather strap (I recommend giving it a try!).
After a short break giving Miss’s stocking clad feet a well deserved rub, I (as I like to do) became an agent of my own downfall as I chose a selection of implements from the drawer (leather) and the vase (canes) for the well deserved crescendo of my punishment.
Miss was disappointed that she wasn’t getting a good enough swing, so I was instructed to touch my toes and finally to bend over the arm of the couch as a succession of batches of 12 were delivered to my increasingly sore bottom.
After the application of arnica, I was able reflect on the session with Miss Kay and left already planning my next visit.
As ever, no better way to spend an hour!
Thanks Miss Kay!

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