After some ( useless ) grovelling …….

I visited Miss Kay Again Today for some long overdue Domestic Discipline. We exchanged some very pleasant conversation and enjoyed a drink together then swiftly got to the ‘ Bottom of things ‘ ! .I am constantly amazed how this Friendly Lady can instantly turn into an absolute No Nonsense Demon , But I love it . After Being severely Scolded for my Misdemeanours Miss Kay ordered me to Strip to my pants !! I hesitated here but was swiftly re Ordered in A No Nonsense tone that sent shivers up my spine , so I complied and was exposed wearing only Ladies Panties!! Terrified of what was to come , I was sent to the corner and severely scolded for wearing these while she prepared for my oncoming Punishment. Next I was ordered over her knee and after some ( useless ) grovelling , The panties were pulled down and I was severely Spanked then sent back to the corner for further contemplation with the pants down and my now red behind on display and ordered to keep my hands on my head . After what seemed like a lifetime I was ordered out of the corner and Bent over the arm of her Couch .The Belt was then applied with much vigour and I was warned to keep quiet otherwise I’d be gagged I did . My behind stung like crazy , then the Tawse was produced ! My Behind was truly on FIRE but eventually I was ordered to stand up and pull my pants up . Miss Kay re acted this 1970s Scenario with absolute Perfect Accuracy and Really put her Heart and Soul into it . The Nylon Overall was just the ‘Icing on the Cake ‘ Thank You Miss Kay , I WILL return.

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