A pleasantly sore bottom….

I have recently returned from a visit to Miss Kay on a day I was feeling particularly anxious and mentally struggling. After a chat Miss Kay told me to get the “chair” and go over her knee for a warm up with various slippers, short straps etc and finished by spanking me with her bare hand on my bare bottom! This last part was stingy but surprisingly comforting and I felt a bit like a little girl again.

Then I went over the arm of the sofa for a good strapping with several different straps including a Lochgelly tawse. After a while a cane came out. A very stingy cane but by now I was relaxing into the spanking. The Singapore cane came next. It can sting too but also thuds. So, a combination of both sensations which works wonders on a naughty or sad bottom!!!

I left feeling much lighter than when I arrived. I came home to sit on a pleasantly stingy bottom all evening followed by a couple of days with a pleasantly sore bottom. That’s an oxymoron if ever there was one but so true.  A Big Thank You to Miss Kay for lifting my spirit back up again.

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