A long overdue session with Ms Kay

With the latest easing or restrictions it could only mean one thing. Take advantage of the time and get a long overdue session with Ms Kay. At the time it seemed like a good idea since I was eager for a session. Unfortunately it never occurred to me till much later that Ms Kay would also be eager for a session. And as a result of that, I had to deal with a couple of small blisters on my hands, the discomfort of sitting on my stinging ass, bruised nipples and weirdly, a tender spot in my belly button. Still, it was worth it.

After a friendly catch up, the session began with Ms Kay reminding me how a few of the items in her collection felt like. Leaning over the arm of the couch I was subjected to blows from lots of things which I cant remember. I do remember the cane though because that’s always the worst, best, most memorable. That was beginning to warm my backside quite nicely and then I got a new experience. My first experience of having my hands belted. It was only six strokes at a time, alternating between hands, and boy, did it leave me regretting a life of office work and my soft hands. As much as I enjoyed it, I could only handle about 15 strokes in total before begging for mercy. It also resulted a few small blisters forming on my hands by the end of the day.

Following me bravely admitting I couldn’t take any more, Ms Kay proceeded to tie me to a chair. With my ankles tied to the legs and my wrists tied down the back of the chair, and of course, hooded and blindfold, Ms Kay started to apply pegs to my belly button. It is actually a very strange experience and felt equally weird when I was squirming under the electric shocks that Ms Kay was applying to me with the stinger. These alternated with the more constant torture from the Neon wand. Tied as I was I took my time to enjoy the sensations, and it was only after the session that I realised that the pegs had left the skin around my belly button being a little tender to the touch. That is always an added bonus for me.

Next it was under the stairs where I laid back on a cushion while Ms Kay tied my legs under the stairs, leaving me bent 90 degrees at the waist. Once she was satisfied, Ms Kay resumed her previous treatment of my ass. This of course naturally left me stinging (and smiling) and of course this was followed by more random shocks from the stinger. There were also moments where of course Ms Kay felt the need to tickle me. It wasn’t the most comfortable position to hold even with the ropes taking most of the weight, however Ms Kay has a natural sense about these things are released me long before the position became uncomfortable.

Following this it was upstairs were Ms Kay promptly hogtied me and started playing a new game. She would shock me with the Stinger and as soon as I finished flinching she would shock me again. Then she would do it again, and again and again. It took me a few moments to realise that the shocks were all in EXACTLY the same place. She wasn’t socking me. She was just sitting comfortably and holding the Stinger in place and letting me shock myself. Once I realised this it was possible to avoid the shocks by straining against my bonds. Naturally of course eventually I would start to waiver resulting in shocking myself again.

It took a few attempts for me to follow Ms Kay’s next instruction and flip over onto my back. After being unhooded just long enough to have a ball gag put in, Ms Kay proceeded to hood, blindfold, and deafen me, and than tie me down to the table. From there I was shocked, tickled, pinwheeled and vibed. My description doesn’t do it justice however my memory is fuzzy as I was completely immersed in the experience by this point. Then things I do remember are being subjected to every electric item in Ms Kay’s collection (Stinger, Neon Wand and TENS pads) A number of pegs were applied to my balls and zipper ties were applied down my waist. Nipple sucks were applied and at some point Ms Kay started playing with them and they were on there good. She was able to pull them away from my chest (I was in no shape to try and lift myself) and they still didn’t come off. She also bent them at right angles to my chest and they still didn’t come off. By the end of the day, this treatment had left a huge bruise above each of my nipples.

I also remember randomly twitching as time went on (a weird tick of mine) and eventually I was lost in subspace, and also very content. When I was eventually release I lay there for a while and took several attempts to side up. This I had to do carefully as the zipper pegs were still attached to me. With my hood and gag removed Ms Kay instructed me to pull the zippers off myself on the count of three. It always amazes me how readily I do this even after being so thoroughly broken.

After a VERY long rest period, I was eventually ready to leave and did so with the normal smile on my face and anticipation of next session.

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