Testimonial by slave r

I had my second visit to serve Miss Kay today. Far too long since my first visit. First things first though. A very pleasant greeting and chat. My heart had been pounding for at least the previous hour on the drive there with plenty of deep breathing exercises to calm myself down.  And a nice drink of sparkling water and some chat was lovely. I relaxed. For now. Not for long though and Mistress asked me what i had in my bag. I had brought my new uniform which she asked to see. It seemed to meet with Her approval and I was instructed to go to the corner to strip and put it on. Once suitably attired, I stood respectfully to attention. Feeling instantly the feelings of obedience and humiliation. She instructed me to come and stand in front of Her. Instant obedience of course. Kneel down She ordered. Bend your head forward. The gimp hood was on me. This one has eyes She said. You’ll have chores to do so you’ll need to be able to see. won’t you? Yes Mistress. Was the correct answer. And I don’t want any back chat from you. (After all, i am there just to do as i’m told and speech restriction helps a slave know only to speak when spoken to)…. Open wide. And the large ball gag was in my mouth. Straps nice and tight. No chance of that coming out. Next, She produced a very wide leather slave collar. Around my neck and again very tight forcing my head up to focus on my Mistress. I look into Her eyes and i thought i saw a little smile as she puts the noise cancelling headphones over my ears. Almost deafness. Stand. She orders. I stand up again to attention. Head up. Eyes front. Right She says, lets get you locked away. Go and stand in the corner and I will go and select a suitable device. I am left to stand facing into the corner for what seems like a while but really i have no idea. By now i am in a state of total obedience. I couldn’t hear anything and even if i wanted to, i couldn’t really move my head much because of my very stiff collar. So i just stood there at attention. In my obedience and humiliation. Waiting. Eventually Mistress returned and ordered me back over to stand in front of where she was seated. As She went to fit the device on me, She asked if that was activity happening down there. i nodded. She was very stern. There is to be absolutely none of that, do you understand? Again, i nodded. Again, the humiliation of knowing that orgasm denial is part of being an obedient slave. Despite what was going on, She got it fitted and it shrunk back in snugly. There She said. that’s better, isn’t it. I can only nod. Good She says. Back on your knees. You’ll give me a foot massage now. Again. Instant obedience. When She is finished with my foot massaging, it’s on with the business of domestic chores. Which didn’t go all according to plan. i did do my best. But not good enough. I saw the leather strap in Her hand and knew what was coming when i was ordered to bend over the massage table. Bottom fully exposed. 6 (i think) of the best across my bare bottom. Punishment richly deserved. Thank You Mistress. I will be back soon. Obediently. slave r.

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