Well Today was Finally the day I’d been waiting for !!

.. with some Nervous Trepidation ( and Excitement) I made the journey to Miss Kay’s house .
As Ever ,,Miss Kay was immaculately dressed and greeted me with her familiar smile and Warm greeting and I was shown into her front room. I was invited to sanitise my hands and I accepted the offer and as we both did so I was offered a drink . Luckily Miss Kay’s study is spacious enough for us to chat and be more than 2 meters apart, personal space and safety was at the forefront of the visit. Over this , we discussed many things including the current COVID situation, however the conversation soon turned to my Impending Punishment here !! ..Many Months have passed since I was last here and by now I was starting to feel Really Nervous ! ..
My particular thing is Role Play and love to be taken back in time to my younger years ,,so Miss Kay donned her Pink Nylon Tabbard , I was commanded to take my Trousers off and get my Pants Down .. The session had began !  The old Leather Belt was produced and I can honestly say I Really Felt Every stroke as she scolded me accordingly with each one .. a short break ( to let me feel the glow ) then I was told to kneel on the Couch where the famous Texan Strap was applied with much vigour ..as was ( My favourite) her ‘ Wee nippy Strap ‘ !! ..however,,Miss Kay felt it was having very little impact ..and produced her genuine Dick stamped Tawse ..Now I did feel that .
With the session at a close we bid our farewells and I certainly will be returning . ..Mega Impressed! 

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