25th October 2018

Not so much an Autumn warmer as an Autumn roaster.

With winter fast approaching I thought it would be a good idea to visit the lovely Miss Kay in her new lair in South Lanarkshire for one of her Autumn warmers. I have to say that the new premises is easy to get to by road, just off the M74 and if you don’t drive Miss Kay will happily pick you up at the nearby Larkhall station. The new premises is also ideal for old codgers like myself as there are no stairs to climb before being ushered into the room where you will receive your discipline.

After the usual chat and refreshment I was invited over her lovely knees to get my bum smacked. After a few smacks with her hand my bum was beginning to tingle nicely when she moved on to what looked like a hairbrush and black paddle now my bum was now stinging. Next she decided to warm my hands with one of her tawses, six good whacks later I was trying to shake the sting out of my hands and Miss Kay was returning the tawse to her desk with that knowing smile she has when she knows she has done the business.

She is getting too good at belting the hands. Now it was the turn of my rear end to receive her gentle treatment. First of all she showed me a new cane she had just taken ownership of and asked me if I would like to be the first to try it out. How could I refuse. Following on from that, various canes, straps a new flogger and the trusty carpet beater all came into contact with my exposed rear end.

I will have to be careful what I say in future, I made a polite suggestion to Miss Kay that when she is using a strap on someones rear it is a good idea for the recipient to be lying flat out on a sofa so that the spanker can draw the strap down from over her shoulder.

Miss Kay’s comment was ‘that’s a good idea lets try it out’. After testing various straps in that position she said wait there and went to her desk where she keeps her tawses. I felt six stinging whacks and inquired as to what she had used. Again with that knowing smile she held up the tawse, it was her Philps, OUCH. It was a fantastic day and I returned home after

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