22nd December 2018

Despite having only met you twice, on both occasions you have made me feel so at ease and immediately comfortable in you company despite my nerves, so thank you.

Apologies for my terrible acting (and if I missed any cues to further shame myself, I’d pretty much do anything you say!) but thank you for bringing a fantasy to life.

I’m writing this testimonial less than an hour after leaving Miss Kay’s beautiful new home following my second visit to this incredible lady.

Following the usual contact and booking, I arrived in my nervous state at Miss Kay’s door where I was greeted with a smile and a warm welcome, as warm as I was on departure.

After a quick chat about the session, a naughty neighbour role play, Miss Kay left the room before returning a couple of minutes later in an incredible outfit of high heels, stockings and negligee.
She sat at her desk before pulling a pair panties from the drawer which she accused me of stealing from her washing line and “staining”.
The final nail in my coffin was the cctv footage and I was given the choice of a call to the police or accepting Miss Kay’s choice of punishment, yes you’ve guessed, a spanking.

The choice was clear and I was ordered to strip and put on the (now washed) panties before laying across her inviting lap.

Following a warm up, the gloves were removed and my panties lowered for a bare bottom spanking.

From my vantage point, it’s hard to know what was used (definitely her hand and a very stingy strap) but as the intensity grew and my bottom grew redder and sorer.

I was then ordered over the arm of the couch for a more sustained punishment and despite being as brave as I could I let out the odd whimper which was met with the usual disapproval.

Following this I was sent to the corner to contemplate my actions.
Not convinced that I’d learnt the error of my ways Miss Kay suggested a more inventive way of preventing my perversions, chastity.

Unfortunately, I had a little bit too much “blood flowing” for this to happen all of which Miss Kay took in good humour.

After some foot worship to give my bottom a rest it was back over Miss Kay’s knee and the arm of the couch again, this time with a crescendo of cane, riding crop and short strap.

Following her acceptance that I won’t steal from her washing line again (I definitely will!) I was ordered to put my clothes back on and the session was over.

We finished with a nice chat about Christmas, her new house and website and a after a hug at the door I was on my way.

If you’re not sure about whether or not to visit Miss Kay, just do it.  She is kind and funny, and fierce and beautiful, looks after her visitors and I for one won’t hesitate to return

Thanks Miss Kay!

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