200 not out

Having arranged a last minute Friday afternoon visit to see the fabulous Miss Kay, I arrived at her front door with usual mix of nerves and excitement but I was quickly welcomed in with a smile.
As I sat with my water, we talked through the hour to come and agreed on a role play focusing on leather as Miss Kay’s weapon of choice.  As Miss Kay left the room, I was ordered to remove my shoes and trousers and to stand in the corner. After what felt like an eternity, the now Head-Miss-tress Kay returned demanding to know why I had been sent to her study.
After confessing to my truancy, Miss removed a belt from the drawer and I was ordered to hold out my hands. 6 quick strokes later I was rubbing my stinging hands knowing my bottom would be next.
Sure enough, I was instructed to fetch the wooden chair from the corner and before I knew I was in that familiar and safe position, bare bottomed across Miss Kay’s lap.  I then got a warm up as a taster of things to come.
Afterwards, it was over the arm of the sofa for the proper punishment to begin with 20 strokes of the belt followed by a trip to the corner to contemplate my actions.  
Following that we (and by we, I mean Miss) agreed that the only way for me to learn was to be further punished and I was to choose the number of strokes. After my feeble attempts of 5, 20 and 50, we agreed that 80 would start to atone for my misbehaviour. 10 stokes from each side with the medium tawse until we reached the 80. I don’t mind saying, I was biting my lip by the end.
After a break and an inspection of my burning bottom, Miss rightly decided that my bottom wasn’t red enough and I couldn’t possibly have learnt my lesson.  Having already given another naughty boy 150 strokes this week, I was convinced that being the weekly record holder and targeting 160 was the right thing to do.  Back over the arm of the couch for 30 with the medium tawse and 30 with the heavy.  I genuinely felt proud to have taken the strokes and could leave content that I’d taken my punishment well!
Nope, Miss Kay has a knack of pushing you further and having agreed that we should go for 10 of the heavy and 10 if the XH for reasons I still don’t understand, I suggested 20 each.
The bite of the XH had me kicking my legs and biting my lip, but with Miss Kay’s care and encouragement I reached the 200 mark.
If you haven’t visited Miss Kay and are wondering whether you should, do it! An hour with Miss Kay is without doubt one of my favourite things to do.
Thanks Miss!

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