At my old site (misskay.net) I took great pleasure in listing the many wonderful testimonials and lovely feedback messages I receive.

I will continue to do this here and can assure you that all comments/feedback are 100% genuine.

I take great pleasure and pride in my work that my clients fully appreciate.


  • Turns out I’m an ass man- I’m starting to get a taste for this. This was my third visit to Miss Kay in a few short months and each time I visit I enjoy it more. This time I requested a two-hour visit and I provided Miss Kay with a few bullets on the things I wanted to explore but with an emphasis on a punishment… Continue Reading
  • Rope and tickle torture- It has been far too long since my last visit to your Lair, and this was my first visit since your move.As always you met me with a warm smile and some gentle conversation.When you were leading me through to the other room and pointing out the staircase where you had been experimenting with some mild suspension. After having me… Continue Reading
  • Maybe I should talk about the broken aching mass that used to be my body……- Where do I begin? Do I begin by discussing how Ms Kay reduced me from a feeling of confident defiance to admitting defeat in less than 2 hours? Or perhaps I should discuss the tortures and bondage that were visited on me? Maybe I should talk about the broken aching mass that used to be my body. But no, I… Continue Reading
  • High heels – always a challenge, but worth a try….- Our meeting was arranged to take advantage of an opportunity to visit Miss Kay and see her new home. I made a few suggestions, but left the detail to the expert!! As I have visited Miss Kay over a number of years she knows what I like - and also what is less to my taste - the result of… Continue Reading
  • First time visit to Miss Kay- First time visit to Miss Kay and what an experience. Received a warm welcome and a nice chat about what i was looking for so was told the taster session would be a good place to start god she wasn't wrong. This mistress knows how to treat naughty boys and i loved every second of Miss Kay punishing me my… Continue Reading
  • I was there for a walloping and a walloping was what I was going to get.- A Winter WarmerHaving just returned from the warmth of Lanzarote to the cold of home I thought I would pay Miss Kay a visit for one of her nice winter warmers. During the initial chat Miss Kay discovered that I had been living quietly for a couple of months and wondered if I might be a bit soft. Oh good… Continue Reading
  • Both experiences were mind blowing!- Visited Miss Kay after nearly 6 months of not visiting. So this was my first visit to her very nice and new domestic chambers As usual I received a very warm welcome, after a little catch up chat and drink, it was time to get down to business. Miss Kay’s first surprise, was that she is now able to do… Continue Reading
  • I’ll always come back for more!- Good Afternoon Ms Kay, Knowing of your preference for bullet points before a session, I thought I'd start this testimonial with a slightly different kind of bullet list. My back - Covered in nice red whip marks. Wrist, Ankles and Toes - Covered with slowly fading rope marks My bottom - Nice shade of red and warm to the touch… Continue Reading
  • 22nd December 2018- Despite having only met you twice, on both occasions you have made me feel so at ease and immediately comfortable in you company despite my nerves, so thank you. Apologies for my terrible acting (and if I missed any cues to further shame myself, I’d pretty much do anything you say!) but thank you for bringing a fantasy to life.… Continue Reading
  • I wouldn’t hesitate to say Evil Genius…….- If I was asked to describe my feelings my most recent session, I would have to say helpless, isolated, delightfully frustrated, completely at ease, and of course, 100% satisfied. If asked to describe you, I wouldn’t hesitate to say Evil Genius and Complete Professional Prior to our session I had expressed an interest in trying some tighter and more restrictive… Continue Reading


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